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German Liectroux Intelligent Anti-Trafficking Robot Protects The Children, Families No Longer Need To Suffer The Pain Of Losing A Child

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German Liectroux Intelligent Anti-Trafficking Robot Protects The Children, Families No Longer Need To Suffer The Pain Of Losing A Child

November 16
13:00 2018

Child trafficking incidents are endless, and the loss of children has caused many families to fall into infinite grief. The current abusive technology of traffickers is becoming more sophisticated so that parents can not prevent it. If the children are been sold to ordinary families, there is still hope of finding children and there is a good chance that those children are healthy. However, in fact, after children are lost, it is very likely that the trafficker will use sulfuric acid or other cruel methods to cause physical disability of children and then let children go to the streets to beg and give the begging money to them.

In order to better help parents protect their children and avoid more tragedies, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has spent many years and painstaking efforts to develop an intelligent anti-trafficking robot to protect children from being trafficked.

German Liectroux Intelligent Anti-Trafficking Robot Lets The Families No Longer Suffer The Pain Of Losing The Children

The intelligent anti-trafficking robot is very mini-shaped and very convenient to carry. It has strong positioning function. After the parents getting the robot, they only need to let the children face the robot. The robot will quickly scan and record children’s physical characteristics and other data. In addition, it is equipped with three sensor chips that are fully synchronized with the robot. The robot can control these three chips to implement advanced positioning function, camera function, voice communication function, call function and attack function etc. The chips will be attached to children’s chest and the auricles of both ears. And the chips will change their color according to children’s specific skin color, so as to achieve the invisible purpose and better protect children.

When the parents take their children out to go shopping or go to some places with more traffic, they can start the working mode of the intelligent anti-trafficking robot, which will locate the child through the sensor chip attached to the child and monitor. It can monitor children’s actions in real time, display children’s location and their surrounding environment on the screen provided by the video so that parents can keep an eye on the child’s dynamics. And when children run around, their parents can communicate directly with the child through the voice communication function. The sensor chips of children’s ears will release the sound and let children hear what their parents said. Moreover, when someone approaches the children, the robot will immediately remind the parents of the person. And if parents recognize that the person is not a credible person, then they will ask the robot to immediately dial the alarm call and describe in detail to the police about the children’s location, the physical characteristics of the criminals as well as other on-site situations. And the robot will let the criminals feel the sting of the eyes in a short time by launching a strong light beam to smother the criminals’ eyes when criminals are close to the children. The children can take this opportunity to escape.

In the field of intelligent robot research and development, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has always been in the leading position. It has been developing various intelligent robots for various industries, including robot vacuum cleaners (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been greatly improved compared with the traditional robot vacuum cleaner. That is, the robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics has adopted laser navigation technology. It adopts the laser ranging sensor and cooperates with the original algorithm to carry out accurate and real-time path planning for house cleaning.

In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner adopts 2000mAh power lithium battery which possesses high energy density, good quality and high temperature resistance as well as long cycle life so it is sufficient for cleaning large units up to 150 square meters. And it can calculate the cleaning work of  shortest return path by itself and find the charging station to charge itself when there is insufficient power. It is very convenient to find the charging station to charge itself. In addition, it also has a strong ability to get rid of difficulties. When it encounters winding of wires or other debris, it will intelligently adjust the speed of the side brushes to escape the winding in a short time. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner was immediately favored and been snapped up by consumers. And it has become the new favorite of the smart home appliance market.

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