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Eczema and Psoriasis is Treatable with Natural, Vegan & Organic Remedies – Rekonstrux

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Eczema and Psoriasis is Treatable with Natural, Vegan & Organic Remedies – Rekonstrux

November 19
14:10 2018
Rekonstrux is a natural aromatherapy formula with an array of vegan products to treat psoriasis and eczema. The company provides 100% pure and organic skin care products devoid of harsh chemicals and side effects.

Eczema and psoriasis are two skin common skin conditions that are difficult to treat completely. In fact, most cases are left untreated as there is no absolute cure for the condition. However, patients suffering from these skin diseases often look for symptomatic relief. With all the solutions available at local drug stores and online medicine stores, the risk of side effects is also high. Rekontrux comes as a breath of new life with its amazing range of psoriasis and eczema relief products made of pure and natural ingredients.

The spokesperson of Rekonstrux was quoted saying, “We have a team of professional aromatherapists who formulated the ultimate pure and natural remedy for eczema. Our products can instantly relief itchy skin, repair and nourish it, heal open wounds, and revitalize the skin completely.”

All Rekonstrux products are made of 100% natural ingredients, proven to be free from chemicals, parabens, steroids, and harmful ingredients. As a result, people with open wounds from eczema and psoriasis can also apply any of the products directly for quick relief. The products are manufactured for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Handpicked ingredients are used to prepare pure and organic products for skin care and relief from psoriasis and eczema – skin conditions that not only affect your life and living conditions but also lower self-esteem and leads to lifestyle issues.

When asked about the secret of such amazing range of products, the spokesperson said, “We use the principles of aromatherapy to produce our itch relief eczema and psoriasis oils and gels. We have a starter kit that comes with 3 units of Rekonstrux eczema relief oil that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. In no time, users can see their scars fading away as our products have potent healing abilities to promote growth of new cells and tissues.”

The key ingredients in all Rekonstrux eczema and psoriasis skin care products are wheat germ from USA, frankincense from Somalia, lavender from France and Bulgaria, and patchouli from Indonesia and India. It is no secret that these natural ingredients have potent healing abilities, tried and tested for more than hundreds of years. As a result, the Rekonstrux team of German professionals formulates this ultimate mix of natural ingredients and essential oils that not only relieve itchy skin but also promote quick healing. In fact, the company promises visible results in less than 7 days.

When asked about the Rekonstrux Eczema Relief Gel, the spokesperson said, “This product is a unique blend of aloe vera, peppermint oil, lavender oil, helichrysum oil, rose hydrosol and guar gum – all 100% certified natural ingredients. We do not compromise with quality. We firmly believe that our products are innovative and revolutionary because of its ingredients. We also offer a risk-free 30 day guarantee.”

About Rekonstrux

Rekonxtrux products were formulated after several years of research and many failures. Professional aromatherapists joined the team from Germany to produce some of the finest range of solutions for eczema, psoriasis, and skin nourishment with 100% natural aromatherapy essential oils.

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