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The Third Industrial Bank China International Junior Football Championship officially opened Theme Song Vehement Youth Set off the Audiences

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The Third Industrial Bank China International Junior Football Championship officially opened Theme Song Vehement Youth Set off the Audiences

November 19
23:36 2018

Deliver the spirit of football, light the dream of football. In the afternoon of Nov. 17, 2018, 2018 The Third Industrial Bank China International Junior Football Championship had a grand opening. Nearly thousands of coaches and players of 40 football teams from China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Pakistan gathered in Da Yun Center of Longgang, Shenzhen to sprinkle blood and youth and chase for their dream.

With the theme song playing at the opening ceremony, 40 teams at home and abroad appeared and gathered together on the field. After the entrance ceremony, former captain of China men’s football team Ma Mingyu, inherited ambassador of the event, hoisted the trophy with Mr. Liu Deping – Director of Culture, Sports, Tourism Bureau of Longgang, Shenzhen. That means delivering and inheriting the spirit of football.

2018 The Third Industrial Bank China International Junior Football Championship, a large-scale youth public event, is guided and supported by National Youth Campus Football Work Leading Group Office, hosted by China Social Welfare Foundation Youth Football Fund and China Sports Futurity Investment, supported by China Sports School Federation and Culture, Sports, Tourism Bureau of Longgang, Shenzhen and exclusively sponsored by Industrial Bank. The event also got the great support of the official equipment sponsor of professional group Anta Sports, the official equipment sponsor of college group, Yinlang Football, and the only data service provider of the event, Tongdao Weiye.

The Finals are divided into two groups – professional group and college group. It is held for 7 days from Nov 17th-23th. There are 112 games in total. The professional group has some excellent teams which come from Chinese Football Association Super League, Chinese Football Association China League, football association in all provinces and cities, Chinese Football Association Champions Cup, the same age group of national campus football. From March to November, the competition of college group has lasted nearly 8 months, spanning the eight major sections including North China, East China, Central China, South China, northeast, northwest, southwest, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau. Thousands of colleges and universities registered for the election, and 144 college teams were selected finally. In the end, 10 winners will be selected from the eight major sections to compete in the finals. They will compete with six teams from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Pakistan. After the opening ceremony, the University of Macau, champion of Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macau section from the college group, and Hongik University competed for the opening game.

The most remarkable thing at the opening ceremony was that the official release of the theme song Vehement Youth. In the last finals, the organizer and China National Radio Huaxia voice launched the collection activity of theme song lyrics. The lyrics which are in line with the spirit of this event are chosen as the theme song. The song is composed by a famous musician Cui Shu, and sung by two singers Jin Meier and Ping An. The song is full of energy and passion with distinctiveness in rhythm and rhyme. The audiences sang in a unison at the opening ceremony “lightening radiance, head-on hardship; seed buried in the soil, flower blooming someday; embracing, fighting, delight, sweat, run against the wind; sweat casts dream”, putting the activity into a very exciting and lively atmosphere. 

JFC International Junior Football Championship has been held for two times in the last two years. As a large-scale youth football public event, it adheres to the purpose of building a youth football international exchange platform, being committed to improving the status of ‘less competitions’, ‘low level of competition’ and ‘less international exchanges’ in the development of China youth football. There are no registration or participation fees for any team.

As an important part of the development of China’s football, JFC International Junior Football Championship has been perfected in the competition system and event culture construction for three years. It is committed to providing a higher and broader football competition platform for Chinese youth and creating a youth football event with international influence in China. And it will further improve the level of youth football competition, promote the development of campus football culture, and promote the development and construction of China’s football culture.

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