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Now Xiangsheng & Boyuu audiophile Products Also Enter The Online Stock of China-hifi-Audio

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Now Xiangsheng & Boyuu audiophile Products Also Enter The Online Stock of China-hifi-Audio

December 12
00:25 2018
China-hifi-Audio now brings Xiangsheng preamp and DAC and also Boyuu tube amp for customers to purchase them online at reasonable prices.

For music lovers around the world, China-hifi-Audio is the one-stop shop where they can find an extensive variety of products at affordable prices. The online store announces its recent stock update, which includes products from Xiangsheng and Reisong Boyuu. These new products are preamp, tube amp and DAC, which one can now purchase online.

The spokesperson of the online store first talks about the Xiangsheng 728a preamp. The product is available with two different color options of black front panel and silver front panel. One can also choose the product between two different versions of with and without key to adjust the bass and the treble. The product also comes with the full set of vacuum tubes or without any vacuum tube. According to the spokesperson, this preamplifier is the upgraded version of the 2015 model and comes with several improved features. With an elegant and more dignified appearance, the preamp now has a more reasonable, clean and beautiful interior layout. The preamp now features electronic tube filament AC power supply instead of DC power supply to offer a moist sound instead of hard sound.

Now Xiangsheng & Boyuu audiophile Products Also Enter The Online Stock of China-hifi-Audio

Another important new product that has been added to their stock is the Xiangsheng DAC-05B. This hardware decoder XLR has a shipping weight of 4Kg and is available in two different color choices with black front panel and silver front panel. Customers will also have the liberty of choosing the product either with an R-core transformer or with a toroidal transformer. With a large voltage range from 100V to 240V, the DAC can have two types of vacuum tubes of 6H3n and GE 5670. This balanced DAC has been upgraded with a more powerful R-core transformer to have enough power and deliver a nicer sound. The product supports different sound formats, such as the native DSD, Wav, Wma, MP3 and others. It also has the input jack for iOS USB, PC USB, coaxial, fiber and Bnc. The RCA output gives two different kinds of sounds to choose to listen to.

Customers can also check the Boyuu tube amp that the online store has recently included in its stock. This single ended class A tube amplifier is available in the PCB standard version with the 96*50 power transformers and the 66*36 output transformer. The machine can deliver very low noise output for enjoying the music. Another version of the machine comes with the manual welding and a higher end of 76*40 output transformers. In case, the low frequency dynamic playback is excellent, with a strong control, the tube amp can deliver more powerful output. The spokesperson states that the product can be shipped with a tube cage cover, but customers have to pay an extra cost of the tube cage cover.

To learn more about these Xiangsheng & Boyuu products, one can visit the website

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