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Li Ning Line of Running Shoes Equipped with the Latest Running Shoes

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Li Ning Line of Running Shoes Equipped with the Latest Running Shoes

December 15
00:57 2018
Li Ning Running Shoes with Latest Technology Conquers All Terrains

Yangjiaping, Jiulong – Customers can now get lining running shoes fitted with the Li Ning Cloud technology or the Li Ning Arch technology. While each of the technologies adds an extra dimension to running by providing reducing vibration, there are subtle differences between the two tech platforms. The Li Ning Cloud tech platform absorbs shock when the runner’s foot hits the ground, distributing the shock energy evenly through a custom energy circulation system.

The shock distribution enhances speed and agility of the runner. Li Ning Arch platform packs vibration reducing technology providing a cushion designed to reduce stress on the runner’s ankle. Li Ning also offers running shoes equipped with either the TUFF OS or ROBARLOC which are technologies committed to ensuring the longevity of shoes under the most rugged terrains. Regardless of the technologies packed into lining running shoes, the wearer is assured of comfort and enough breathing room for those sweaty runs. 

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Fitness tech, although pervasive in most other sporting apparel, is new to running shoes. The tech available for running shoes has come far in the last few years. It is the preoccupation of sporting institutions overseeing competitions where participants run. The Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology (APCST) studied the requirements for new generation of running shoes in 2011 ushering in a new chapter in running shoe tech. The APCST interest lay in how the application of technology to enhance the performance of runners. The results of the study revealed several requirements for different groups. 

Li Ning, a leader in the tech running shoe segment continues to invest in the development of running shoe technology. The research resulted in the development of tow key technology platforms. The two platforms are essential for different running conditions

The Li Ning Cloud platform provides runners with the comfort and ability to conquer rough terrain without missing their stride. Lining running shoes equipped with the Li Ning Cloud platform are for runners who want to conquer the outback trails without feeling a bump. For extra sturdiness and durability required for extreme environments, shoes fitted with the TUFF OS or ROBARLOC tech platforms offer runners industry level durability. The Li Ning Arc platform guarantees shock absorption during long runs. The platform is for runners looking to go the distance without worrying about a potential ankle strain or soreness. 

Apart from running shoes, Li Ning offers a wide range of apparel. Runners who want comfort and performance can choose from a wide range of slim fit clothing and windbreaks. Lining running clothing line is made with runners in mind. The best performance requirements are considered in designing the clothes. The line of apparel minimizes friction between the seams, allows the body to breath beating the temperature build-up experienced during runs, and provides a wide range of motion necessary during a run. 

Whatever the terrain, Li Ning provides the running tech to give you the upper hand. Lining running shoes combine both ergonomics and the latest sporting technology for the best experience. Become the master of the track or trail with lining running.

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