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Anaiv Capital Announces Partnership with 2 Leading US Escrow Agents to Expand Bitcoin Escrow Service

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Anaiv Capital Announces Partnership with 2 Leading US Escrow Agents to Expand Bitcoin Escrow Service

December 18
02:40 2018

Anaiv Capital, a protected Bitcoin escrow business and platform that provides secured escrow wallet features for any transaction where Bitcoins are kept and protected for future usage and trading, this week announced they have formed two new partnerships with leading escrow agents to extend their service offerings into the future.

Creating a new kind of over the counter (OTC) marketplace where Bitcoin transactions can occur directly between buyers and sellers, Anaiv Capital acts as the escrow intermediary to ensure both parties are protected.

“In many cases, cyber criminals can target these points of exchanges, or companies can go back on their word and end up stealing Bitcoin,” said William McGowan, Partner at Anaiv Capital. “In order to avoid those problems, we created our very own escrow platform, called Cryptolounge, for the buyers and sellers in the transaction.”

Within Cryptolounge, Anaiv Capital provides the following: conducts KYC/AML process to vet both buyers and sellers in the equation, checks the origin of the funds and the origin of the Bitcoin, provides bank and escrow services, provides BTC wallet escrow services, ensures cybersecurity for ultimate Bitcoin protection, and supports transaction settlements by transferring Bitcoin to the buyer’s wallet and funds to the seller’s bank account.

Anaiv Capital is known for having secured escrow support services, affordable rates that work for buyers and sellers of every background, quick transactions processes so buyers and sellers can receive their funds immediately, and compliant financial escrow services that are supervised by an AML self-regulatory body.

“Right now, heavy, or large, Bitcoin transactions are not facilitated on any major platforms, and receive no protection in the greater blockchain community,” said McGowan. “We’re determined to do something about that, while making trading large sums of Bitcoin easier and more reliable for people around the world. We believe Bitcoin has the potential to change our world, and through our new partnerships, we can provide even more escrow-based services. Spread the word about our new alliance announcement, and consider a more secure way to do business in Bitcoin for 2019.”

Anaiv Capital’s primary objective is to source investments that will produce superior risk-adjusted returns for groups and individuals alike. Carefully measuring and mitigating risks with everything they do, the company is looking to expand their offerings as a new kind of modern-day escrow and banking institution, helping Bitcoin to spread to as many industries as possible.

To learn more about OTC Bitcoin business or escrow services with Anaiv Capital, visit:

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