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Could it be real? World’s strongest USB cable with lifetime warranty launches on Kickstarter

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Could it be real? World’s strongest USB cable with lifetime warranty launches on Kickstarter

January 18
02:51 2019

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One major part of life today, especially in the technological arena, is the constant need for updates and upgrades for our devices and tools. With the level of reasoning and rapid development of technology, bugs and defects are constantly fixed to improve the performance of these devices and of course our performance as a whole.

However, one device that has been constantly overlooked in the development of technology gadgets is the USB cable. It has even gotten to the point where changing cords on a regular basis has become a normal affair. These USB cords last two to three weeks and begin to develop different faults like poor connectivity, weak charging points, or just random snaps and cuts.

Crave; a first-class vendor of quality gadgets and devices decided to set up a team with the objective of developing an update for USB cables. The team then proceeded on a research project that lasted a whole year. At the end of one year, the Crave 4ORCE was born!

Made with the new ‘4ORCE Fiber’, the new Crave 4ORCE Fiber is the long-awaited upgrade from fancy USB cords. Made with a formidable material that was developed from a dissatisfaction gotten from the results of using polyethylene Fiber which is a string material used in the production of Kevlar and bulletproof vests.

Well… apparently the material wasn’t enough for Crave.

With this new material, the new Crave 4ORCE is unarguably the strongest USB cable in the world. So strong, it evens comes with a lifetime warranty!! Now that kind of confidence in a USB cable doesn’t come lightly.

To make sure they don’t get in over their heads, Crave decided to subject the Crave 4ORCE to the most daunting test of strength and durability they could think of.

The first test of note was when they asked WWE legend and superstar Bill Goldberg to pull two vehicles and an airplane using just the USB cable! After which the cord was inspected and found to be unaltered.

But that wasn’t enough just yet.

The Wasilla-based company also spoke to Andrew; a professional base Jumper and agreed to test the Crave 4ORCE by using it to suspend him (Andrew) from a hot air balloon at over five thousand feet above the ground! The new cable was inspected after a successful mind-blowing experiment and was still unaltered!!

At this point, it is definitely without a doubt that there is no USB cable able to match the strength, tenacity, and ruggedness of the new Crave 4ORCE cable!

With the new Crave 4ORCE USB cable, you can update from fancy USB cables that snap or develop faults without notice and rest easy knowing your USB cable has got your next charge covered.

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Video Link:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the lifetime warranty means; it means you can return the Crave 4ORCE if you purchase one and it doesn’t work correctly and get a new one!

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