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Conscious Convenience, the Online Store for Eco-Dinnerware, Goes Live

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Conscious Convenience, the Online Store for Eco-Dinnerware, Goes Live

September 03
15:54 2019

September 3rd, 2019 An eco-friendly planet can be created only when conscientious people come together to support the use of natural products in everyday life. Conscious Convenience, the online store that sells cutlery and home products made from Areca leaves, bagasse and other bio-degradable materials, is one such initiative.

The use of plastics, especially for making disposable items like food plates, straws and containers, is widespread. Unfortunately, there is lack of alternatives to things as simple as a plastic dinner plate. Conscious Convenience is the online store that aims to change our lifestyles in matters as simple as use of plastic when we snack or eat at home or in parties and public places.

The Eco-dinnerware available at Conscious Convenience is made 100% with fallen Areca palm leaves, which are specially processed and then used to manufacture disposable cutlery. The process uses the leaves, water and heat to create cutlery that can be used, and then composted in the backyard, or left to biodegrade naturally and completely in 3-6 weeks. No commercial composting is required.

Our goal is to provide affordable alternatives to single use plastic products to help everyone move away from the unnecessary devil that is plastic. We’re constantly searching for new alternatives to provide our clients with environmentally friendly options,” says Sourabh Deshpande of Conscious Convenience.

The Conscious Convenience online store offers high quality, affordable alternatives to single use cutlery. Visitors can shop for a variety of eco-friendly cutlery, such as round dinner plates with compartments that are microwavable, cornstarch forks, carryout boxes, Areca leaf spoons, wooden knives and paper straws.

Another great material derived straight from nature is bagasse. Bagasse is a byproduct of sugar canes, and can be used to make very tough and strong food packaging and compostable food containers. The products made from bagasse, such as food plates, carry a natural surface texture as well, making them a delight to use. Conscious Convenience is a big supporter of bagasse and sells these products as well.

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