Whenever Tax Issues Arise, a Great Tax Attorney is Always the Best Solution

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Whenever Tax Issues Arise, a Great Tax Attorney is Always the Best Solution

No one ever looks forward to tax season.  It is just a fact.  And whenever problems surface they can quickly escalate from a minor issue to a major one.  A good tax attorney, in these types of situations, should be called immediately upon notification from the IRS or state or local government taxing bodies.  David B. Newman, LLC, is an attorney specializing in taxes for individuals and businesses in the Charlotte, NC area.  Whether filing for taxes, or solving tax issues, Attorney Newman has the experience and knowledge to quickly and efficiently assist his clients.

Individuals can panic when they receive a notification that they are being audited for taxes. 

It is not a notice anyone wants to receive and sleepless nights plus stress oftentimes accompany these notices.  It generally turns out to be a minor problem.  However, both individuals and businesses alike can try to find a remedy themselves, leading to even greater problems.  Tax attorneys have specialized training in this field and their assistance can alleviate further problems and bring not only resolution but peace of mind to their clients.  While an accountant can assist with filling of taxes, an attorney may be needed immediately whenever problems arise.  In the case of a notification of a tax audit, the solution can be simple and only require extra documentation.  However, many times the problems are much deeper and require specialized knowledge to solve. 

There are many ways to run into problems with taxes.  Up to ten or more problems can be found. 

A good tax attorney is familiar with all the many types.  Some require heavy knowledge of the intricate regulations which exist in taxes, and for this type of problem an attorney who specializes in taxes is almost a must.  The regulations are deep and frustrating for the average consumer and if a solution is approached improperly wages and property can be garnished and the battle for resolution can continue for years.  Known as “liens”, the collection practices can vary from state to state, ranging from huge penalties that accrue to actual seizing of property and even in some states, the use of collection agencies to pressure payment of taxes, especially back taxes.  This can include not just income taxes, but property and school taxes in some states, and an attorney that specializes in a client’s area should be chosen.  David B. Newman is such a specialist in the Charlotte, North Carolina region.

Back taxes are generally considered a form of debt, but tax relief exists.

The IRS itself has information on filing overdue or back taxes but an attorney should still be consulted to ensure that this is done correctly, and any client will then not “overpay” on taxes in any way.  Overpayments do occur unfortunately, and many consumers are never aware that this has occurred.  Realistically, the money spent on an attorney at a time of tax problems is money well spent for both financial and mental well-being.  If tax problems arise, having a consultation with a tax attorney is a good first step especially for small businesses or any business.  Major oversights also, even for individual consumers, also do require a good tax attorney such as David B. Newman.

About David B. Newman, LLC

David B. Newman is an attorney practicing in the Charlotte, NC area.  He has worked for the IRS and is a specialist in tax laws.  Attorney Newman is the author of books and articles on tax laws and does also teach tax law at a major university.  He possesses an advanced degree in taxation and keeps abreast of the latest changes.   He can be reached via an online form on his website, as well as phone and email.  He offers free consultations.  Appointments are required. 

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