16 Year Old Stock Analyst & Clothing Brand Owner, Hussam AlZahrani Promises To Be the Next Global Business Leader

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16 Year Old Stock Analyst & Clothing Brand Owner, Hussam AlZahrani Promises To Be the Next Global Business Leader

Age is just a number. The only things that matter for being successful in businesses are – having a business-savvy mind, the courage and determination to not give up, and the willingness to learn. All successful entrepreneurs and business people have these things in common. Hussam AlZahrani, a seemingly young businessman has all of these and more at a tender age of 16. With his talent and understanding in business, Hussam promises to be a future leader in global business. 

About Hussam AlZahrani

Hussam’s endeavor for business roots back to his school days when he used to make pocket money by selling ice creams. After being fairly successful in that as an eleven-year-old, Hussam went ahead to import spinners from China and sell those locally in Saudi Arabia. However, the concept failed. 

I was lucky to have encountered business failure at a very young age. It is always good to go through the hurdles early in life. At that age, one has greater keenness and tenacity to learn from the mistakes and rectify those. That early business failure positively impacted me in more ways than one.

As his interest in business grew with time, Hussam started selling PlayStation accessories and made a reasonably good amount of money – enough to pay back the $200 he borrowed from his father to start the business. 

Hussam’s father identified his deep business understanding even at a very young age. He continued to support Hussam for all his endeavors, and not long after, Hussam ventured into the stock market space. He taught himself the basic fundamentals of stock markets,. Today, he is a successful stock market analyst. 

Apart from being actively involved in the stock market investment, and analysis, last year, he also started his own clothing brand named Eager. It is a clothing line based out of Saudi Arabia that sells affordable yet high-quality clothes made out of the finest Saudi cotton. 

What Does The Future Look Like? 

Apart from his businesses, Hussam has always been deeply interested in education. He graduated high school with flying colors – an A+ Grade. Hussam looks forward to pursuing higher education in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

Aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is one of the most advanced countries in terms of adopting cutting edge technologies and implementing those in various sectors. 

Advanced digital technologies are the future. Understanding these and having expertise in new technologies will be the key to having a successful future – be it from the job perspective or even if one wants to start a business. So I want to pursue higher studies in AI, which is by far the most ground-breaking technology. Also, I want to hone my skills in a manner that is aligned with today’s industry requirements. 

With such a far-sighted vision and a willingness to learn, Hussam AlZahrani seems to have a bright future and promises to be a global business leader. 

Summing Up

Hussam acknowledges the fact that his father has had a major role to play in his success. His father is an example for new-age parents to identify their children’s skill-sets, encourage them to learn, and support them to pursue their passion – even if it is non-conventional. 

Hussam concluded,‘As my father supported me in each and every step I have taken, all parents across the world should encourage their children, and not force them into any field of study that does not interest them. Every child has a unique talent they should have enough support from parents to pursue it without any other additional burden.’ 

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