Born of Nomad: When Swiss Design Meets Traditional Mongolian Cashmere

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Born of Nomad: When Swiss Design Meets Traditional Mongolian Cashmere

Born of Nomad: When Swiss Design Meets Traditional Mongolian Cashmere
A story of two cultures blends beautifully together to create sustainable ‘slow fashion.’

Zurich, Switzerland – Born of Nomad is pleased to announce it is launching a highly anticipated Kickstarter campaign for its ‘Be Nomad’ clothing collection starting on June 15th, 2020.

Born of Nomad is a contemporary ready-to-wear label whose story showcases nomadic people who have lived their entire lives in perfect harmony with nature – generating cruelty free cashmere and yak wool.  Its mission is to create a new channel for sourcing cashmere and yak wool to better serve in protecting and promoting the cultural heritage and nomadic herding tradition on the Mongolian Steppe.

Through its storytelling, Born of Nomad calls people to a conscious lifestyle and to appreciate high-quality, mindfully produced products.  The brand highlights the fact that the harshest climatic conditions are needed, with temperatures below -40 C and bone-chilling winds, for the hircus goat to grow the finest wool worthy of being called ‘The World’s Best Cashmere.’

“Born in the Mongolian Steppe and raised in Germany and Switzerland, I envisioned promoting my heritage and love for fashion,” says one of the brand’s founders, Ray Bat.  “To help bridge the gap between Europe and central Asia, I partnered with my cousin, Orgil, to create Born of Nomad.  Orgil is entrusted to run the operational part in Mongolia, keeping the relationship with the nomadic herders and local producers intact and securing the highest quality.”

Ray focuses in Switzerland on the branding and design, in collaboration with her textile designer, to create an authentic label that is casual yet stylish but also functional.

This directly sourced, high quality raw material from traditional nomadic herders enables the company to retrace the origin of each and every fiber.  Extensive research by the founders allows them to form a network of select Mongolian manufacturers who transform and produce high-end fabrics out of the selected fibers.  As a result, they achieve a production of the finest knitwear available worldwide.

Born of Nomad is a “slow fashion” brand – as the founders reject the idea of “fast fashion” – and the amount of waste and decimation associated with it.  Born of Nomad makes clothing for those who value high-end natural materials, such as luxurious cashmere and sturdy yak wool, and who support the sustainable back-to-nature movement and the traditional nomadic lifestyle.  BE NOMAD is made for those who do not want to sacrifice on design worthy of such noble fabrics and their heritage.

To start up the production of the BE NOMAD collection, the young fashion label launched a Kickstarter campaign starting on the 15th of June until the 15th of July.  This provides a fantastic opportunity to support a sustainable and ethical brand, as well as enjoying a generous discount of 40% on the entire BE NOMAD collection.

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About the Company

Co-founder of Born of Nomad, Ray Bat, has worked tirelessly to create an ethical, luxury cashmere label, based on the blending of two great cultures close to her heart: the traditional, simple and close-to-nature lifestyle of the nomadic people of the Mongolian Steppe, combined with the Swiss’ sense for meticulous, high-quality design and manufacturing.  Together, these cultures create truly unique and valuable clothing designed to inspire and last. 

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