Wrongful Death Lawyers Must Possess the Highest Skill Level Possible in this Field

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Wrongful Death Lawyers Must Possess the Highest Skill Level Possible in this Field

Unfortunately, wrongful death occurs due to accidents, injuries, crime, and negligence.  It is a very emotional and thoroughly stressful time for families.  They do seek justice at least in part, although it will never bring their loved one back to them.  Only the best attorney that is well versed in wrongful death civil suits should be chosen, as an attorney must not only have skill but the utmost compassion.   They also must have an unparalleled drive to see that some type of justice is indeed served upon the defendant accused of causing the wrongful death.  An action is usually brought by a member of the family of the person who was robbed of life unnecessarily.  Liability must always be proven, and these cases are some of the most difficult to prove and the defendants’ attorneys are usually well-versed in the defense of these claims. 

In California there are certain requirements and statutes of limitations governing wrongful death.

In order to even file there first must be sufficient evidence to present that the death occurred through negligence and or some other failing on the part/actions of the defendant.  There are also strict standards for the timeframe for filing.  Only attorneys like James Otto Heiting, of Heiting and Irwin, P. C. in Riverside, California can successfully address all the requirements and standards.  Liability on the part of the defendant must be proven first and foremost within the timeframes specified for each step of the process.  Wrongful death can be caused by medical staff, or accidents, or can in many cases follow the conviction of someone after a successful criminal trial.

The death of someone caused by a crime or other types of negligence is oftentimes a hardship. 

Family members, especially dependents, feel the most impact and any type of wrongful death lawyer must look at not just the present but the future. Wrongful death has ramifications far beyond that of other types of lawsuits.  In addition all parties seeking reparation for wrongful death must be included in one single lawsuit generally, not that each person who is affected seeks other damages than the next.  Although located in Riverside, CA, Attorney Heiting represents individuals throughout the entire state of California and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this rather difficult aspect of law. 

Any wrongful death attorney must not only be the MOST knowledgeable, but the MOST empathetic.

Clients involved in this type of lawsuit are hurting, plain and simple, usually both emotionally and financially.  Their world has been ripped apart sometimes within a matter of mere minutes, and their pain palpable.  While any wrongful death lawyer must be truthful about the case and the possibility of winning or perhaps losing, this type of attorney needs to have a great calming and empathetic demeanor.  Choosing an attorney wisely in this type of law is perhaps the most important decision of anyone’s lifetime. 

About James Otto Heiting

Attorney James Otto Heiting, is a partner with the law firm of Heiting and Irwin, of Riverside, CA.  He has been granted membership in the Directory of Distinguished Attorneys and has won millions in settlements throughout his distinguished career.  He focuses on excellence of representation, and not only will represent wrongful death, but medical malpractice, accident, and other types of cases.  While appointments are necessary, these are easy to make, as there is a contact form, email, and a phone number on the website.  There also is an informative blog that serves to assist future and current clients in aspects of the law.  Attorney Heiting has literally decades of experience. 

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