Coffee On Shrooms RYZE Superfoods Launches with Mushroom Keto Coffee

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Coffee On Shrooms RYZE Superfoods Launches with Mushroom Keto Coffee

Boston, MA – RYZE Superfoods, a mushroom-based superfood company, has officially launched in March 2020 with their flagship product Mushroom Keto Coffee. RYZE Mushroom Keto Coffee is a healthier coffee replacement that provides focus & energy, but without any of the negative side effects of caffeine like jitters, anxiety, and poor sleep. It is a blend of 6 medicinal mushrooms, MCT oil, and arabica coffee that mixes instantly in water. This coffee alternative also offers major mental and physical health benefits as the superfood ingredients used in the blend have been scientifically proven to boost physical performance and stamina, support immunity, fight inflammation, and promote homeostasis. It contains only 48mg of caffeine which is roughly half of that of a normal cup of coffee.

“After experiencing so many negative consequences of caffeine and coffee over consumption, we’re rethinking how we start our days, without putting a bunch of junk into our bodies”, says Rashad Hossain and Andrée Werner, founders at RYZE. Rashad had spent 3 years managing coffee brands at Kraft Heinz where he saw firsthand this huge consumer pain point with coffee drinkers and realized the opportunity with medicinal mushrooms. “Medicinal mushrooms are a better way to fuel up; they’re incredible superfoods that help our body and mind. We’re making a blend that does it all – awesome morning ritual, helps your energy, focus, supports immunity, tastes delicious….”

Features and benefits of RYZE Mushroom Enhanced Keto Coffee.

  • Only superfood coffee to offer 6 medicinal mushrooms (Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, King Trumpet), each serving a specific purpose in health
  • low caffeine content (48mg)
  • increase cognitive function
  • boost physical performance
  • relieve stress
  • support immunity
  • jitter free energy, no caffeine crash
  • vegan | no added sugars | non-GMO | keto-friendly | 100% natural ingredients | sourced & made in USA

RYZE Mushroom Enhanced Keto Coffee is available to buy at $30 or $27 for subscribers. For more information, visit

About RYZE Superfoods:

In 2019, two Harvard graduates dedicated themselves to improving health by promoting healthier morning rituals. Drawing from personal experiences working with large, global food & beverage brands, co-founders Rashad Hossain and Andrée Werner are committed to improving health by re-examining and redefining morning rituals through the use of adaptogens found in medicinal mushrooms.

Rashad spent 3 years as a marketing manager for major coffee brands at KraftHeinz such as Maxwell House and Gevalia. During Rashad’s time managing such influential brands, he learned from consumer panels that at least 50% of customers suffered from caffeine-induced acid reflux, jitters, or anxiety. Shortly after this realization, Rashad quit the job and got together with his old colleague, Andrée, to begin formulating a healthier coffee. The two started testing their own blends of adaptogen-infused coffee and successfully transformed their idea to a fully-fledged product and brand within 6 months. They firmly believe that the consumption of coffee infused with adaptogens and the slow release action of MCT oil is the first step to overall better health and lifestyle choices. Today, RYZE provides their passionate health-oriented audience with the highest quality adaptogen-infused and keto-friendly coffee.

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