World’s First VR-enabled bike controller launched on Kickstarter

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World’s First VR-enabled bike controller launched on Kickstarter

Blync is a unique VR-enabled bike controller that enables users to bike indoors anytime and at the same time choose their preferred outdoor terrain. It also allows riding options with friends.

No more missing out on your biking sessions because of quarantine issues, tight schedules or unfavorable weather conditions. An upcoming Kickstarter campaign is all set to introduce the FIRST ever VR-enabled bike controller that enables one to bike in VR and create the ultimate outdoor experience from the comforts of their homes. Called “Blync”, the controller works in tandem with an app and allows you to bike at just any time and in any weather condition.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Blync is designed to sync up a bike to VR so that users can venture across diverse outdoor terrains right from the convenience and safety of their home. They will also be able to ride with their friends just like any outdoor group biking session.

Blync is an endeavor by a loving husband who wanted to help his wife struggling to bike outdoors due to packed schedules. 

“I know it’s a busy life today. My wife too was keen on biking to keep up her fitness game. But despite having a new bike she couldn’t get the opportunity to bike around just because of her tight schedule. Many face the same problem today given the current crisis. But we can’t let obstacles hamper our fitness goals. To help my wife, I wanted to find a solution that will enable her to continue her biking sessions without tampering her daily routine. And thus, Blync was born.” – Kingsley Okongwu, founder.

“Blync is for everybody out there who are unable to bike outdoors given the current situation or their busy lifestyle. You have an advanced VR-controlled solution here that will enable you to bike from your home – yet without missing out on the beauty and fun of outdoor terrains. And our advanced technology will allow you to experience a very realistic feel of an outdoor ride so that you never get bored riding indoors.”

As per his further statements, Blync allows users to choose from a wide range of outdoor terrains to keep riding sessions fun and engaging. Whether they are riding solo or with other riders, users can even customize the outdoor environment as per their personal preferences. Additionally, Blync will also allow users to perform different bike games and stunts without leaving the safety of their homes.

Blync comprises of 4 main components:

Path Sensor – It detects where the bike’s handlebar is facing and translates it into your virtual bike

Speed Sensor – It gauges pedaling speed when you bike

Joystick Accessory – This accessory enables users to perform cool air stunts as well as jump tricks 

Companion App – The app records important details of each ride like ride history and stats like calories, power, and speed

“Blync is a handy fitness aide in the contemporary busy life where we are all struggling to take time out for a solid fitness routine. This revolutionary controller makes sure you never miss out on your daily dose of fitness no matter how stuck you are at home or how busy you are juggling between your domestic and professional responsibilities. We have a nifty tool for you here, which makes biking fun, engaging, effective and accessible. It also enables users to keep track of their fitness activities while they bike with Blync. We have built the prototype and are currently developing the software which calls for a robust financial backup. Hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will not only help us to bring Blync to the world but will also enable us to spread the word about this path-breaking device around the world.”

To learn more about Blync, please visit or contact Sarah at [email protected].


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