Now On Indiegogo, The Sanitabox – A UVC Light Sanitizer To Protect Health, Save Lives

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Now On Indiegogo, The Sanitabox – A UVC Light Sanitizer To Protect Health, Save Lives

Now seeking community support via Indiegogo, the perfect kitchen innovation for sanitizing food and household equipment.

A new ultra-violet (UV) light concept is expected to protect personal health and save lives. As our world faces an unprecedented public health emergency, new technologies are emerging to combat the spread of potentially deadly pathogens by providing clean, sanitized environments. Working to protect ourselves, our friends, and our loved ones, Ken & Sarar Smart Technologies LLC, a leader in product design and innovation, has announced the Sanitabox, a UVC light sanitizer, on Indiegogo.

The Sanitabox brings state-of-the-art LED and UV technologies directly into the home, using revolutionary 360º UVC (ultra-violet C band) exposure to sanitize food and household objects in seconds. Designed to provide 99.99 percent sterilization in just 30 seconds or less, Sanitabox is pioneering the future of health, sanitation, and disease prevention. Offering eight convenient levels of UVC exposure, sanitize household foods, such as fruits and vegetables, or packaged goods, utensils, or baby products, and achieve a safe, sterilized home environment for yourself and your loved one.

Designed with ease of use in mind, simply put things to sterilize in the Sanitabox and close the lid. Next, choose an exposure time and press start to expose the box’s contents to 360º UVC light. Fast, powerful and safe, Sanitabox holds up to a five-litter water bottle, making it perfect for household foods, utensils, and other items or equipment. Making use of tried and true UV power, Sanitabox kills common viruses and bacteria, including H1N1 and coronavirus (COVID-19), safely and effectively. With UV light, water, air, and hard surfaces can be reliably sterilized in a way that reduces reliance on chemicals as a disinfectant, and creates an environmentally friendly, sustainable sterilizing and sanitizing process. 

A new UV light technology concept, support Sanitabox on Indiegogo today to fund an initial production run. To support Sanitabox, please visit the Indiegogo campaign here:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to support the Sanitabox, including associated production and distribution costs. Support the project for as little as $5 to get a virtual thank-you, or pledge $185 or more to get a Sanitabox at exclusive early-bird pricing.  Other reward options, including exclusive Sanitabox inspired merchandise, are available. Act fast and support the Indiegogo campaign today.


Sanitabox is the perfect kitchen innovation for sanitizing food and equipment. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art LED and UV technologies, Sanitabox provide 99.99 percent sterilization for common household foods or objects in just 30 seconds or less with 360º UVC (ultra-violet C band) exposure.

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