Parents Are Relieved As Terri Pease Rolls Out “The 25-day Get Your Toddler To Listen Challenge”

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Parents Are Relieved As Terri Pease Rolls Out “The 25-day Get Your Toddler To Listen Challenge”

August 22, 2020 – Human development expert, Terri Pease, is delighted to announce an educational 25-day challenge to help parents communicate effectively with their toddlers and make frequent tantrums a thing of the past. The challenge is titled, “the 25-Day Get your Toddler to Listen Challenge; the step by step method to getting your toddler to listen without having to bribe them or give in to tantrums.” 

Parents are stepping out in troops to show support and appreciation for the program started by Terri Pease. Kids may be cute, but their tantrums make us forget how much we enjoy them.  From its outlines, the 25-Day Get your Toddler to Listen Challenge promises to teach parents effective ways to settle toddlers down  without  pleading, bribery, or despair.

Several parents have signed up for the 25-Day Get your Toddler to Listen Challenge particularly to learn how to defuse frustration and tantrums in toddlers. One parent recounted how much she struggled with her toddler during routine trips to the grocery store or the park. She and her toddler spend too much time at the park arguing. No parent wants to feel herself in the spotlight as the frustrated mother with a wailing toddler. From its outlines, Terri Pease’s 25-day challenge covers this exact pain point. Toddlers often become overwhelmed and agitated  when they are offered too many choices. On the 25-day program, parents will learn to recognize the right number of choices, or when not to offer any.

Another core aspect of the 25-day challenge is effective communication with toddlers. This is often the key to raising kids who will develop the self control, persistence and other skills that contribute to a happy and successful future. Through this program, parents will learn to understand toddlers and respond to them. They will also learn to use toddler-language, but not baby-talk, to communicate with their two and three year olds. Parents involved so far highlighted that results have been astounding – less chaos at home, no wails and tantrums, and more focused and effective  moms and dads with renewed confidence in raising their children.

Terri’s patient and insightful methods taught me to discern what my daughter was trying to tell me through her frustration. Terri helped me tap into what she needed before a meltdown happened. I feel better able to handle any parenting challenges that lie ahead,” says a recent client and parent.

Toddlers are just learning to be human beings, and like all of us (me included) your little one will get it wrong sometimes. This challenge will help you know what to do when your child lets you know that he is just not ready to take a step in development,” says Terri Pease, Founder of the Challenge.

Terri Pease, Ph.D., has spent a major part of her career helping parents and childcare professionals understand how young children learn and communicate. Terri has worked with parents, social workers, child counselors and others to help build new connections and happy families. 

Terri Pease announced that three parents will get a steep 70% discount as the program launches. 

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