Neo Smart Blinds has unveiled a new innovative curtain track system, “Go Smart Curtains”, on Kickstarter

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Neo Smart Blinds has unveiled a new innovative curtain track system, “Go Smart Curtains”, on Kickstarter

Neo Smart Blinds has unveiled a new innovative product, “Go Smart Curtains”, on Kickstarter. A stylish and practical curtain track system with a family of modern smart home technologies such as voice command, remote control and a dedicated app.

Neo Smart Blinds has been a leader in motorized blinds since 2012, First released on Kickstarter in August 19th, 2020 “Go Smart Curtains”, is an extendable, easy-to-install curtain track system that fits virtually any window up to 157.5” (4m) and can easily open and close curtains with a voice command, remote control, dedicated app on your smart device, or even a gentle tug on the fabric.

Go Smart Curtains page on Kickstarter: Checkout here

The Go Smart Curtain allows users to give voice commands with their preferred voice control system (Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts) or to open or close at sunset and sunrise, or any time of their choosing via the dedicated app’s scheduling. With a few easy steps, Go Smart Curtains can also connect to a home’s Wi-Fi and link the owner’s smart device using either an Android or iOS device to open and close curtains from anywhere there is a network.

Smart Curtains can be installed in the living room, bedroom, office or anywhere else you can install a normal curtain track. There is no need to worry about the length of the window because the Smart Curtain comes in 2 sizes to fit almost any window, 1.7m to 3m (5.6ft to 9.8ft) or 2.2m to 4m (7.2ft to 13.1ft).

The rechargeable battery can last up to 10 months, so the only thing a Go Smart Curtain user needs to do is charge it once or twice a year. With the optional solar panel charger, a sunny window will keep the battery charged indefinitely.

Go Smart Curtains eliminates a significant amount of headaches not currently addressed in the market. Other systems in the marketplace tend to be expensive, potentially costing as much as  $1000.00 per window with custom made smart curtains. For a fraction of the cost, Go Smart Curtains provides a patent-pending, universal-fit extendable motorized curtain track system with smart connectivity that is adaptable to a wide range of window lengths.

Moving to a new home? Go with confidence! The Go Smart Curtain system can move to a new location and adjust the track to fit their new windows, saving time and money. The product is extended to eliminate wasted material and save the hassle of measuring and installing new curtains. In house engineers have designed a track system with connectivity, simplicity and convenience in mind.

Need another reason to have automated curtains? Having the Go Smart Curtain in a house can potentially save on annual energy bills by simply setting up schedules with the dedicated app. In the summertime, the sun heats up the house through the window which will then need to be cooled down. Setting a schedule to keep the curtains closed throughout most of the day can help keep your home cooler and help reduce the amount of energy used to run the AC. This also can be done the other way around during wintertime.  

Neo Smart Blinds has an excellent record of entrepreneurial success being around since 2012 with their Neo Smart Blinds controllers and Bluetooth motors, making window coverings easier by making automated blinds affordable and sustainable. Go Smart Curtains is the newest venture in our long future. 

The Go Smart Curtains System has been fully tested but the design team needs help to Start the large-scale production and finish the final testing of the app. The funds raised from Kickstarter will also allow for the addition of new app features that we hope to achieve to exceed users expectations.

Go Smart Curtains provides the perfect balance of style and convenience in this ever-changing modern world. The new generation of smart homes. Go Smart Curtains – Sculpt the Sun.

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