During the Harvest Season, Necessary Equipment Makes the Job Easier

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During the Harvest Season, Necessary Equipment Makes the Job Easier

During the Harvest Season, Necessary Equipment Makes the Job Easier

The most significant investment any farmer can make is in their equipment. It’s no secret that some farming and harvest equipment can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a result, making sure that equipment is taken care of and maintained properly isn’t an option. It’s smart business.

Ideally, farm and harvest equipment should be maintained throughout the year, with regular checks being performed periodically to catch problems that need fixing. It’s during the winter months, however, that preparing for the growing season should be done. This includes, most notably, the rubber parts such as belts, belting, hoses, couplings, and other components that suffer not only use but heat throughout the growing season. Examples of these parts can be found at California Industrial Rubber Co.

Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

Failure to perform proper maintenance on farm and harvesting equipment is a perfect example of Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the least opportune moment.” It’s true. 

Equipment failures can devastate a farmer’s business. Fortunately, routine maintenance on farm and harvesting equipment throughout the year doesn’t have to be a time-consuming matter, or very expensive. It’s important to remember that even parts that might be considered less important than the actual machine can suddenly become hugely important, if not critical when they break or wear out.   

The good news in this is that small, periodic checks and maintenance are usually enough to catch problems before they happen. It’s often a good idea to perform comprehensive equipment maintenance and preparation in the winter months when nonoperating time can relieve the pressure of tending to other business functions and those responsibilities that often get in the way of essential maintenance tasks. California and Nevada’s colder months are a great time for farmers to perform thorough maintenance tasks, inspections, and plan for all equipment’s future care. Check out https://www.cir.net/ to see your options.

Farm Equipment Preparation Made Easy

There was a time when maintaining farm equipment was a time-consuming and challenging task. Not anymore. Computer technology has not only made the process much more accessible but down to the specific machine. Most precision agriculture products will not only allow farmers to keep careful track of things like yields but equipment maintenance as well.

In today’s world, precision agriculture is about as conventional as irrigation and gives farmers the ability to track individual pieces of equipment and their maintenance schedules. These techniques make planning by thinking backward old hat. Instead, today’s maintenance tasks can be up to the minute, saving both time and money. 

Better Than Checklists

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when ensuring that maintenance was performed on farm equipment was a matter of calendars and checklists. Not anymore. Farmers have not only the ways but the means of providing thorough maintenance on all of their equipment long before problems can occur. And while this might not prevent accidents and other mishaps from happening, this will go a long way towards saving forward-thinking farmers considerable amounts of time and money. At https://www.cir.net/contact-us, there are many resources for those who want to become more proactive in their equipment maintenance.

A huge part of improving the efficiency of farm and harvest equipment is making sure that a farmer has the right equipment to use, but that it is appropriately maintained and at the right time. Investing in good rubber and plastic parts for farm equipment can be just as important as the equipment itself.

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