New book by Black Army veteran inspires Black clergy to embrace new Christianity over Constantine-certified Christianity

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New book by Black Army veteran inspires Black clergy to embrace new Christianity over Constantine-certified Christianity

The Black Clergy’s Misguided Worship Leadership urges the Black clergy to stop the ancient damaging practice of worshipping a white male Jesus and rather take up a new form of Christianity where God is equal for all.

Clinton, Maryland – August 25, 2020 – For decades, Black males have usually outnumbered white males in the US prisons and the scene has not changed even today. In that light, a new book by Black Army veteran Christopher C. Bell Jr., brings to the fore one of the major subliminal reasons behind higher rates of incarceration among Black youths – worship of Constantine-certified “white” male idol Jesus Christ. Titled “The Black Clergy’s Misguided Worship Leadership”, the book petitions to the Black clergy to embrace a new Christianity that would liberate the Black community from the damaging psychological results of white-male worshipping conventions.

The Black Clergy’s Misguided Worship Leadership has been recently released on Amazon amid tons of positive reviews and ratings.

(In Frame: Christopher C. Bell Jr.)

Christopher C. Bell Jr.’s new book extends an enlightening insight on the history and development of Christian doctrines and practices and also what consequences these have brought on racism in the US. The author has cited the different cogent educational, historical and behavioral reasons to prove how the worship of white male idol Jesus Christ as certified by ancient Rome is “misguided”- and also has imposed a damaging white superiority syndrome on Black people. Dr. Bell has further explained how such a  tradition of worship socially demeans and spiritually emasculates Black manhood and intuitively lead Black men to higher rates of crime, violence, delinquencies and incarceration. 

“One of the major problems of higher rates or crime and incarceration among Black youth is our constant fixture with the ‘Constantine-certified Christianity’ for ages. The truth is, the Jesus, the prophet, who has taught us to forgive, love and care, wasn’t the founder of the Catholic Church. It was the ancient Roman Emperor Constantine who founded the Catholic Church out of his vested interests to dominate the subjects of his empire. In doing so, he imposed upon us the myth of a ‘white Jesus’ which has reinforced white supremacy over the years and has brought damaging psychological effects on the Black community in more ways than one”, stated Dr. Bell.

Speaking on he said, it’s about time for Black clergy to stop this misguided ancient practice of worship and start teaching a new Christianity to Black people that would encourage a fair and just practice – “Worship only God, the source and sustainer of life.” With due respect to Jesus, he refers to Him as our “gifted teacher” but also urges readers to come out of the damaging convention of worshipping a white male idol. Per his statements, God is never limited to any particular gender or race specific identity. Rather, He is the universal source of life energy which all humans and living beings share equally, irrespective of caste, race, creed, gender or any such differences. 

“The new Christianity as has been outlined in my book will liberate Black people from the dangerous psychological effects of white-male worshipping practices. In fact, I am positive, the new practice would eventually lower down the rates of crime, violence, delinquencies and incarceration among the Black community. This is my humble request to the Black clergy to take the actions requested in this petition as otherwise our Black community will always think of itself as inferior to the White community and it would only abet Black youths’ plunge towards higher rates of crime and incarceration.”

About the author:

Christopher C. Bell, Jr., Ed.D., Major, is an US Army veteran, novelist, poet and Unitarian Universalist. A B.S. from Virginia State University and M.Ed. from Fitchburg State University, he is also a CAS from Harvard university and has received his Ed.D. from Boston University. Dr. Bell is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran who took to a civilian career after his retirement from the Army and served in the positions of education administrator and management analyst for District of Columbia Public School and the Federal government. He is dedicated to improve the lives of the African-American community and has written several books to forward his mission. His latest book is The Black Clergy’s Misguided Worship Leadership.

For more information and to purchase the book, please visit Amazon.

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