VR and AR Becoming the Next-Gen Computing Platform, a Huge Opportunity for WIMI Hologram

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VR and AR Becoming the Next-Gen Computing Platform, a Huge Opportunity for WIMI Hologram

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘VR and AR Becoming the Next-Gen Computing Platform, a Huge Opportunity for WIMI Hologram‘. The annual sales of hardware and software of VR and AR are predicted to reach $80 billion by 2025. Goldman Sachs believes that restricted by technical conditions, the popularity of AR holographic may be slower than smartphones and tablets. The AR holographic market is expected to reach a scale of $80 billion in 2025. Meanwhile, the scale of AR holographic games will reach $11.6 billion, and the scale of users will reach 216 million. The games will be the main driving force for the initial development, and technological progress and cost reduction will become the key to determining the development of AR holographic.

This year, under the epidemic situation of COVID-19, there has been a greater demand for virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, and the AR/VR industry has developed. For example, AR medical is used for remote diagnosis. At the same time, the 5G communication construction is accelerating this year, and AR/VR devices are also accelerating into the consumption era, with broad application prospects.

Different from other traditional 3D display technologies, the holographic display does not need to rely on any external devices (3D glasses, helmets). It focuses on imaging in thin air, observing “floating” phantoms with the naked eye, and conducting touch interaction with “flying virtual fingers”. The naked-eye 3D technology uses the grating principle. Although the effect is the same as holographic display technology, it has strict requirements on distance and angle, and it is easy to cause dizziness and inconsistent images of the left and right eyes. In comparison, the holographic display technology has the advantages of no viewing angle limitation, full range of view and the same as real objects, and this technology enables to interact with aerial imaging in depth. It is a new breakthrough in touch sensing interaction, which satisfies people’s pursuit of natural, real, and three-dimensional visual effects.

With the development of science and technology and the vigorous deployment of 5G, the holographic communication industry is about to explode, and AR+AI holography has become the breakthrough point of holographic technology. Holographic video calls, which have appeared in sci-fi movies in the past, may be fully implemented in the 5G era.

Relying on the high-speed characteristics of the 5G network, holographic image communication transmits 3D video signals with a large amount of data, which can present a more real world for users. It will become disruptive technology for Internet social networking. At present, Samsung, Facebook, and other technology giants have joined in the field of technology research and development, showing broad prospects of technology application. Meanwhile, the number of enterprises engaged in the field of holographic projection has also increased significantly.

WIMI Hologram Cloud focuses on light field acquisition, reconstruction, rendering, and intelligent computing vision. According to statistics, the number of China’s holographic companies has reached more than 1000, and the market capacity has also risen to tens of billions.

According to reports, WIMI’s businesses cover multiple links of holographic AR technology, including the holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK pay, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic development of face recognition and so on. WIMI is a holographic cloud comprehensive technology solutions provider. Its business application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five major professional fields: home entertainment, light-field cinema, performing system, commercial release system, and advertising display system. WIMI has integrated the identities of holographic AI cloud mobile software developers, service providers, and operators into one, and has become one of the leading integrated platforms in the holographic AI field in China.

Compared with its counterparts, WIMI has established a comprehensive holographic AR content library, with holographic AR content formats ranging from 3D models to holographic short videos. According to the data of Frost & Sullivan, WIMI has built a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China. In terms of revenue, the number of customers, holographic AR content, holographic AR patents, and software copyrights in 2018, WIMI is the leader in the holographic AR industry in China. In 2018, WIMI owned about 4,654 AR holographic contents, 106 software copyrights, and 219 technology patents. WIMI is committed to using holographic technology to meet the entertainment and business needs of customers and end users.

The commercial license has been issued, and the large-scale commercialization of 5G is not far away. Currently, the world is vigorously promoting 5G construction to seize the opportunity. In the future, there will be more development of scenario applications.

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