Celebrated author and CEO, Chanel Spencer is all set to publish her new book as a step towards achieving her goal of racial equality

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Celebrated author and CEO, Chanel Spencer is all set to publish her new book as a step towards achieving her goal of racial equality

“Our Truth Is Not A Lie” is written to serve as a voice of empowered black and extraordinary individuals who‘s mission is to make impact!

New York City, New York, USA – “Our Truth Is Not A Lie: Our Vision, Voice, and Black are all Powerful” is the latest collaborative project powered by Maximum Evolution’s publishing company. M.E. Publishing is a platform that provides opportunities for aspiring authors and the publishing entity for all of their CEO’s book projects. Our Truth Is Not A Lie will be officially soft launched on 31st August 2020.

Visit www.ourtruthbook.com for more information.

CEO of Maximum Evolution and visionary author of ‘Our Truth Is Not A Lie’, Chanel Spencer helps women to transform their lives and bring their vision to fruition. She is a firm believer in building one’s table and no longer fighting for a seat at someone else’s. She is a 6x best-selling author, and speaker who has developed this book as a passion project because it was important to provide a platform not only for her but for others who  have often suffered in silence. Chanel Spencer and so many others were devastated by the tragic loss of Ahmaud Ardbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor. Spencer pens down her challenges, perspective and  hopes for the future in Our Truth Is Not A Lie, which is an audio and e-book with 18 compelling stories about the black experience.

“It is time for our experiences to be shared. Our voices to be heard, acknowledged, and true transformation in the lack of equality because of one’s race. We need to understand that we are valuable, worthy, and extraordinary people. We all have greatness and significance in this world no matter who says or treats you any differently. There are often times when our experiences are suppressed and unaddressed. When we share our truths, it is either disregarded or minimized. Our Truth is Not A Lie and you will hear us loud and clear. Our voices, visions, and black are ALL powerful and beautiful. We deserve more than to matter. We have all worked extremely hard to change the narrative and build a legacy,” said Chanel Spencer.

Our Truth is Not A Lie is a collective voice of  empowered individuals who have made significant contributions in this book. Following is the list of the  contributing authors and their chapters:

Lavar Thomas
“Rewriting The Narrative”
Founder of Empower For Greatness

Pastor Cassandra Elliott
“God Defines You Not Me”
Life & Business Coach

Danielle Batiste
“My Color Shouldn’t Define Me”
CEO of Diabetes Made Better LLC

Kilimanjaro Toussaint
“My Name Is Journey”
CEO of Kilimanjaro’s Peak Inc.

Vernae Taylor
“You Are Worthy”
Founder & CEO of Triple Threat Vision

Martha Davidson
“Leaving a Legacy of a Life Fulfilled”
CEO & Founder of S.A.G.E Academy

Demetrice Anderson
“I Was Made For This”
Author & Retired Medical Billing Officer

Yvonne Brown
“Code Blue – No More”
CEO of Affirm & Pursue Academy

Taniesha Ramsey-Lane
“From Trauma To Power Purpose”
CEO of CEO Diva Enterprise LLC

Pamela Garrison
“Blow BuBBles To Release Troubles”
CEO of Bubbles for Life

Kettia Green
“Success Does Not Have A Color”
CEO of Hey SK Love

Jodi Clarke
“Happily Unapologetic”
Author & Operating Room Assistant

Sharon Nisbett
“All Things Through Christ”
Christian Author

Dr. Deena C. Brown
“Ask Me How I Know”
Founder of Leadhershift Movement

Lentheus Chaney
‘Non-Toxic Behavior”
Author, Realtor, & Master of Reinvention

This group of talented people has poured in their valuable contributions to make this book a must-read for everyone. One of the contributing authors, Patrick Stanley, has added more meaning to the book by adding a powerful poem titled “What Is Soul”. Here is the excerpt of this beautiful piece of art:

Do you know what is this thing they call soul?
Since the beginning of time, soul has been the very essence of a groove.
You know that part, which touches deep inside your inner being and elevates your mind.
It is something real, something You can feel something spiritual that cannot be clarified by mere words.
Africa, the beautiful mother land has plenty of Soul.
It is where you will find rhythm in motion as even the ocean waves dance a song of tribal identity.

About the Company:

Maximum Evolution is a platform that transforms people and businesses through branding and development. Recently, the CEO, Chanel Spencer has published her new book ‘Our Truth is Not A Lie.’ As well as Warrior’s Paradigm, and forthcoming The Evolution Effect, and self-titled Maximum Evolution under M.E. Publishing.

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