PiggyCars offering best prices on car subscription with anytime car switching facility

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PiggyCars offering best prices on car subscription with anytime car switching facility

PiggyCars is extending easy and economical car subscription services on a wide range of vehicles, at a way lower cost than buying or renting a car.

Rowland Heights, California – September 8, 2020 – News for LA residents who neither want to waste money on buying a car nor wish to get trapped in long-term car lease contracts. Rowland Heights-based PiggyCars is offering a convenient car subscription service at a fraction of cost of buying a car and that too with the flexibility of short term car lease. The company has assured best prices on car subscription in the State as well as the comfort of car switching anytime.

“We are glad to offer a new style of car rental or lease but minus the cons of renting or leasing a car. Unlike a regular car rental service that can charge you around $55 a day on average, our car subscription prices start from a way more nominal $199 a month. Moreover, when traditional car lease services bind you in a prolonged contract of 36 months, our subscription contracts can be renewed or adjusted every month and you can cancel it anytime if need be”, stated a leading spokesperson from PiggyCars.

“Our car subscription service also involves way lower down payment than buying a car which makes the whole process extremely economical and easy. And yes, we guarantee you the best price for car subscription in LA. We are here to provide our clients middle-to-long-term car lease services t highly affordable rates.” 

PiggyCars is bustling with a wide range of cars to choose from for car subscription. From SUVs to sedans to luxury cars to sports cars to trucks, the company has it all. Budget cars, green cars and commercial vehicles are available as well. Customers have the facility to switch between vehicles anytime and they don’t have to wait for the last date of the contract to change vehicles.

“You might not wish to drive one particular car every month and thus we have easy switching option anytime you want to change your vehicle. You can also switch in the middle of your contract and we will adjust the subscription fee accordingly. Car reservation and switching is always very smooth with us.”

PiggyCars also offers car sharing facility with up to 4 drivers, provided the drivers are backed by full insurance coverage. Customers applying for commercial vehicle can also sign up for enterprise car sharing service.

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed on supporting every customer with a comprehensive customer service. Every vehicle offered under the subscription model goes through extensive inspections and is backed by insurance and maintenance plans. Moreover, all the cars provided here carry exclusive PiggyCars warranty that extends to all major mechanical parts of the vehicle.

“We promise you only thoroughly inspected vehicles to ensure the safest ride possible. We provide local vehicle delivery service so that you can carry a test drive before finalizing on the car. You can also buy extra miles from us if you have plans for long travels some months.” 

Referral discounts are available for customers who will refer PiggyCars to friends and family. 

For more information, please visit https://piggycars.com

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