Advanced PAL-TECH COVID-19 face masks crossing borders, kicks off new round of trade between S.E. Asia and America

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Advanced PAL-TECH COVID-19 face masks crossing borders, kicks off new round of trade between S.E. Asia and America

PAL-TECH is offering highly advanced and tested COVID-19 face masks and other related healthcare accessories at competitive prices which have attained popularity in international markets as well.

Bangkok, Thailand – September 8, 2020 – Asian health accessory companies seem to have carved out a separate niche in the COVID-19 face mask scene and have found patrons beyond the national borders as well. One of the latest Asian firms to fast dominate the international COVID-19 mask scene is Thailand-based PAL-TECH which already has numerous US healthcare companies lining up to order its cutting-edge PL88 face masks. PAL-TECH has welcomed the international stance with open arms, eventually heralding a new round of trade between South East Asia and America.

Launched in 2020, PAL-TECH is a rising name in the COVID-19 health accessory scene worldwide now. The company is committed to manufacturing and distribution of disposable healthcare products especially made from state-of-the-art non-woven technologies. PAL-TECH advanced 3-layer face masks have been successfully tested to prevent COVID-19 infection and transmission risks.

“We are excited to share that our face masks have not only been appreciated in the local market but have also found patrons in the international scene as well. Lately, we have several US companies contacting us to place order for our masks and we are thrilled with the response. We are certainly eager to team up with American healthcare companies and this collaboration would hopefully start a new round of trade between South East Asia and the US”, stated a leading spokesperson from PAL-TECH.

“Our masks are manufactured with advanced non-woven technologies to prevent contamination risk during manufacturing. In regard to fabric, we have been extremely particular with our selection and we promise you optimum protection from the virus infection. Put simply, our 3-layer COVID-19 face masks have been thoroughly vetted to ensure one of the best prevention measures against the menacing COVID-19 virus.”

PAL-TECH is a dynamic firm and has evolved dramatically in just a few months. Ever since its inception, the company has invested heavily in acquiring the most advanced automated production machinery, cutting-edge production facilities and an increasing range of distribution networks nationally and internationally. 

“We work in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities which equip us to supply high-end COVID-19 face masks and other related products as per international standards”, the spokesperson added in.

As per his statements, the company is extremely strict about using continually upgraded, fiber-glass free hygienic products to assure safe products for health professionals as well as the environment. Added to face masks, PAL-TECH also offers mob caps which have also attained popularity in the international market.

“We are dedicated to combine advanced technologies with our potential and extensive knowledge to offer some of the most credible and preventive COVID-19 masks. We are hopeful our masks will be able to reduce COVID-19 transmission and infection risks worldwide, making the world a safer and healthier place to breathe in once again.”

PAL-TECH also extends specialized custom-made products in situations where machine-made products can’t extend adequate satisfaction. 

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