Choosing the Right Rugs for the Home and Budget According to

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Choosing the Right Rugs for the Home and Budget According to

Choosing the Right Rugs for the Home and Budget According to

Any number of fixtures, decorative pieces, and accessories can lend a unique look and feel to a room. They add to the decor, create ambiance, and provide comfort among other positive aspects. When they meld well with their accompanying pieces and reflect your style and personality, they can certainly make a house a home. Still, few things can bring a room together quite like a rug. Finding the perfect rug for a room can give you unrivaled satisfaction while impressing visitors in many ways according to

A Brief History of Rugs

Rugs date back hundreds of years based on one recent write-up. Before they were readily available to the public, people sprinkled sand over their floors and created different patterns in the grains to enhance their flooring. Rugs resembling the ones we know today entered the mix early on, but they were well above the budgets of most people. They were far too fine to be walked on, too. Instead, they were hung on walls as home decor. During the 1800s, canvas floor coverings came into play. Eventually, less expensive rugs hit the market, and everyone could enjoy them.

Exploring the Different Types of Rugs

If you’ve been looking for more information on rugs, you’re probably aware that numerous options are available. Some are appropriate for large rooms whereas others work well in smaller spaces. They come in a range of colors, materials, styles, and patterns. They also fall into quite an extensive price range. Take a look at the following options to help you decide which ones might suit your needs and preferences.


As the name indicates, sheepskin rugs are made from the hides of sheep. They’re soft, warm, and pleasing to look at. They also meld well with various decorative themes, meaning they can be either rustic or elegant depending on the other elements in the room. Sheepskin rugs make nice accent pieces and can be combined with other types to create a layered look.


Wool rugs are made from the fluff covering sheep and other animals. Unlike sheepskin rugs, though, the material doesn’t come attached to the hide underneath. This natural fiber is one of the most popular materials for rugs. These types of rugs come in an endless selection of patterns and styles. Since they’re available in an array of sizes, they can be appropriate for a variety of spaces. Chic Home Gyms and Geometric Rugs made of wool often blend together nicely.


True silk is made of fibers from the cocoons of certain insect larvae. It has a soft, sensuous feel and looks absolutely beautiful. As is the case with wool, silk rugs are available in several varieties and sizes from companies like Lulu & Georgia. They tend to be delicate and difficult to care for, though. Because of this, they’re often best for rooms with low traffic levels.

In Short

From fluffy and chunky designs to smooth, vibrant patterns and intricate decorative pieces, you have an endless lineup of rugs at your disposal. If you find one you like that’s out of your budget range, chances are there’s a similar synthetic version that’s much more affordable. Check out the selection, and don’t be afraid to have fun with the different textures, colors, and styles you find.

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