Independent Artist Chuck Briseno Releases Brand New Single ‘Favor’

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Independent Artist Chuck Briseno Releases Brand New Single ‘Favor’

George West, Texas- When it comes to catchy tunes in the country music world, it’s always pleasurable to discover a new future hit. This is exactly what Chuck Briseno’s “Favor” sounds like. It has a chorus that not only rhymes but it’s something that you could easily find yourself humming to the tune of.

As an independent artist, Chuck’s small-town roots in a Texas place may have inspired his genre of music. He puts his talents to good use as a singer and songwriter in the genre of country.

Chuck isn’t just musically gifted, he’s also smart and giving. He served in the military and has a master’s in engineering. These are all testaments to the fact that hard work can get you everywhere these days. He doesn’t seem to just want a little of what life has to offer. He’s someone who wants it all.

If you want to sample just what Chuck Briseno has to offer, you can go to Here you will be able to listen to some of his tunes. He has songs such as “Bar Girl,” “Texas and You,” “Anymore,” “Hit Rewind,” “South Texas Fool,” “Just One Dance,” “You Should Be Mind,” “Cigarettes, Tattoos, and Whiskey,” and “Waste Your Time.” All of these song titles show creativity and his way of showing off the assets of the country lifestyle.

The “Bar Girl” song is an anthem that should have been written a long time ago. It’s about the typical bar fly or bar star that just wants to be seen. The bar light making her eyes shine is a very relatable lyric.

Like any good modern artist, Chuck Briseno has his own line of merchandise. He has T-shirts, T-shirt stickers, hats, and a camo koozie. You can also buy his full physical albums on his website. He has the albums “You Should Be Mine,” “Texas and You,” and “Drive Anywhere” albums up there.

He has two more shows coming up in October 2020. The one is at Frank James Saloon and the other is at Midnight Rodeo. He also has three more shows in November 2020 coming up.

There is an official music video for “Stronger Than Whiskey.” There are scenes of him with his band as well as some nature and bar shots. It’s a laid-back video but it really shows the scenery of the American outback.

Not everyone can be successful at country. Some people don’t have the right type of voice or the love of the small-town life. However, Chuck Briseno has it all and it’s all wrapped up in one Texan package. His music has the potential to break the country music scene.

Anytime there is a new artist to the scene it is worth checking out. However, don’t wait too long because Chuck Briseno is on his way all the way to the top and he’s not looking back.

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