Basement Renovations or Refinishing Can Be Extremely Creative and the Possibilities Are Endless

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Basement Renovations or Refinishing Can Be Extremely Creative and the Possibilities Are Endless

Basement Bro, a premier basement renovation, refinishing, and repair company that services the GTA, and many areas outside the GTA, understands this and approaches each project with an eye towards not only customer service, but creativity.  This company seeks to stand out from all the rest by using creative solutions even when only minor problems or refinishing is needed.  Of course, their renovations are where the creativity really shows itself and their clients are only limited by their imaginations.  From adding a family room to doing a full build-out of extra living quarters which can then be rented out, Basement Bro has the knowledge and skill to make any dusty, cluttered, and unused basement into a stellar addition to any home. 

The success of Basement Bro hinges on their use of 3-D modeling and their highly trained technicians.

3-D modeling allows clients to envision the basement of their dreams before any work begins.  They can change the design, add, and subtract any features that they might find unappealing, or even change the style and layout before proceeding with work.  This does give clients peace of mind as clients know exactly how their renovations or refinished basements will look upon completion.  Of course, training of all technicians is extensive also, and the work performed flawless as a result.  Every member of their team is licensed and insured.  

Full renovations, refinishing and build-outs are not the only services offered.

Basement Bro also focuses on safety and security of basements and can be used to repair any cracks in foundations or walls, any buckled walls, or alleviate any seepage or flooding that might be occurring in a basement.  A wet basement can develop mould and mildew which is damaging to health, and water seepage is not always apparent.  Any foundation cracks or pooling of water can make a foundation deteriorate and damage a home extensively.  Seepage can occur without any signs, especially in crawl spaces, or around windows.  Basement Bro solves seepage issues by encapsulating crawl spaces and installing window wells or replacing egress windows when necessary.  A dank, musty smell signals seepage. 

Flooding is a serious issue and does occur quite often.

Damages from flooding can be extensive and the sooner the water is removed the less damaging is the flooding.  Basement Bro will evaluate the flooding, determine how and why it is occurring and then remove all water using sump pumps and other types of technology to restore a basement to its prior state as soon as possible.  Flooding many times is a result of slope issues outside the home and Basement Bro will try to remedy these issues to prevent repeated flooding.  Each storm, if slope is an issue can bring a new wave of flooding and water damage, so prevention is paramount.  Storms are the most common cause of flooding.  Whether a full renovation, simple refinishing or repair is needed a professional should be consulted before any homeowner proceeds on their own.  There is no substitute for a professional when it comes to enhancements in a basement, or repairs of any type.

About Basement Bro

Basement Bro services the Greater Toronto Area and many areas outside the GTA.  The finest renovations, refinishing and repairs are provided by this professional company.  They offer 24/7 emergency services, financing, even with bad credit, and provide a phone, email, and contact and quote form.  There is a list of areas they service, as well as testimonials on the website.  Consultations and estimates are free.  3-D modeling helps assist clients with design prior to the beginning of any work.   

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