AC Unit Installation Available in McClellanville, SC

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AC Unit Installation Available in McClellanville, SC

AC Unit Installation Available in McClellanville, SC

Heating and air conditioning units are complicated machines that people rely on to stay comfortable. When a unit malfunctions, it could need basic repairs or might have been dealt a fatal blow and require complete replacement. In either circumstance, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has a skilled staff that can quickly assess the situation and determines the extent of work that will be required to restore a home’s climate control.   

Old-School Thinking Doesn’t Pay Off

Some homeowners are under the misconception that they have to hire a specific HVAC service provider based upon the brand of the air handler that exists in their home. The team at One Hour is trained on a wide range of units, from big-name models to smaller and discontinued brands. Plenty of pride and craftsmanship are put into each project, and the technicians never leave the job site until everything is functioning efficiently. 

Repairs Should Never Be Performed Blindly

When a malfunction hits, homeowners can depend on McClellanville, SC, technicians to thoroughly inspect the air-handling unit to determine what is wrong. This will help pinpoint the exact cause of the failure as well as identify any other elements that could lead to potential problems. The technician will then show the client exactly where the issue lies and suggest various repair options and pricing before beginning any actual repairs.

Recognize the Need for a New Unit

At a certain point, repairs can no longer hide the fact that an HVAC unit is not functioning properly. Homeowners should take advantage of the free estimate service that air handling companies in McClellanville, SC, offer to determine which one will provide an efficient unit at an affordable price. Not only will homeowners have a good idea of the project breadth, but their interaction with the representatives will also help determine which company has the work ethic and honesty they are looking for.

A Flexible HVAC Service Provider

Fitting a new HVAC installation into a person’s busy life can be difficult, which is why the team at One Hour works closely with each customer to set up a work schedule that causes minimal inconvenience. Customers can rely on the technicians arriving on time, remaining honest and not cutting corners, being mindful of personal property, and always cleaning up once the work is complete. For more information on the company’s integrity during the installation process, visit

Versatile Technicians Can Save Customers Money

Contrary to what some companies claim, the installation of a new HVAC unit doesn’t always require the replacement of old ductwork. Adept and honest HVAC technicians can craft pieces that tightly connect a new air handler to older ductwork without leaving gaps that leak air. These pieces speed up the installation process and boost efficiency while also helping homeowners avoid project costs that many less-than-honorable companies insist are necessary.

Emergency Service is Available All Year Round

HVAC malfunctions can happen at the most inconvenient times and leave residents in an uncomfortably warm or cool indoor climate. Fortunately, companies like One Hour provide 24/7 emergency repairs for any household regardless of the situation. It doesn’t matter if it’s late at night, during a holiday, or if the weather conditions are unfavorable, these professionals are on call and ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Maintenance Keeps the Air Continuously Flowing

To help avoid emergencies, even when a home has a newer unit, HVAC service providers recommend a seasonal maintenance plan. During bi-annual visits, the technician will remove all accumulated debris from the coils and inner workings, lubricate the moving parts, check the relay between thermostat and unit, run a diagnostic test that includes checking the pressure of the forced air as well as the temperatures being produced, and replace the air filter.

To take advantage of this service and extend the operational life span of an air handling unit, visit

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