Res-T the Rescue Shirt: An Innovative, Fashion-Forward Functional Look for Water Sports Enthusiasts

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Res-T the Rescue Shirt: An Innovative, Fashion-Forward Functional Look for Water Sports Enthusiasts

Res-T Makes It Possible For One to Look Stylish and Stay Safe on the Open Water with the Help of an Integrated Safety Vest System That Can Be Activated as Needed

Anything can happen when kite surfing, kayaking, practicing SUP, or other sports, and a life jacket can easily save someone’s life by staying afloat and prevent drowning. 

However, traditional life vests tend to limit mobility and are, aesthetically speaking, not the most appealing. Due to these factors, many people choose to avoid wearing them, removing important protection in case of an incident. 

Getting knocked down cannot only cause a concussion but can also increase the potential for drowning. This is why Res-T has designed the perfect rescue shirt, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but is lightweight, streamlined, designed for maximum mobility, and extremely functional. The Res-T Rescue shirt also comes with other features that make it a must-have for any watersport enthusiast.

The Res-T rescue shirt is CE Certified ISO 50N as a buoyancy aid. Additionally, the fabric used is designed with built-in SPF 50+ to protect from harmful UV rays. 

For wearability, the Res-T features a modular design, which connects the inner and outer layers through a zipper’s help. This aspect also makes it possible to be worn with long sleeves or shorter sleeves, as desired. This dual functionality of the Res-T Rescue shirt is unlike any other rescue shirts that you can find. Additionally, even the inflatable part of the shirt is removable through the zipper. 

When it comes to its rescue features, the Res-T has an inbuilt flotation device, which can be activated as needed through two methods – via cartridge and through self-inflation. To activate the cartridge, all you have to do is pull the cord. The self-inflation method makes use of a breathing tube through which a person can use to inflate the flotation device, as needed.

After having used the cartridge, it can be easily removed and replaced by a new one, so you are ready to go again. The shirt is also designed to be discreet. Most people will not realize that you are wearing a safety vest until it is inflated.

For maximum quality in manufacturing, Res-T has partnered with Marinepool – the market leaders making buoyancy aids and rescue vests in Europe. They have over 29 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality sports apparel.

Currently, the Res-T Rescue shirt is only available through purchase through Kickstarter. Interested people can get some fantastic discounts through their early bird packages. After this, the Res-T Rescue shirt will be available on retail prices. Shipping and delivery will follow the schedule as shared by the team on the Kickstarter page

About the Company – Res-T

Res-T is the brainchild of a dynamic team that understands the challenges of watersports, safety gear, and making it all look good. Res-T is a joint effort of various creative individuals who are all passionate about water sports and safety. 



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