Fashion Icon and Celebrity Stylist Paulo Domingos Manquele on Boosting Self-Confidence

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Fashion Icon and Celebrity Stylist Paulo Domingos Manquele on Boosting Self-Confidence

Fashion Icon and Celebrity Stylist Paulo Domingos Manquele on Boosting Self-Confidence

People adopt their fashion style from various sources of influence. It’s common for others to adopt their style from celebrities, fashion designers, and fashion icons. In turn, those icons adapt their style either from personal taste or take inspiration from cultures. Paulo Domingos Manquele, also known as #ThisDudeWithTheBlazer, is a renowned entrepreneur in the fashion industry. He is proud to say that he takes inspiration from places he’s visited in his travels.

Paulo Domingos Manquele is best known as a fashion icon, designer, and stylist, but he is also a celebrity stylist and motivator. He was born in Luanda, Angola, but grew up in Europe, specifically Germany. Even at a young age, he acquired a taste for fashion. 

After completing high school, Paulo would pursue his fashion interests. He studied at the Fashion Academy of Munich in Germany, obtaining a Certificate in Fashion Stylist. Paulo wouldn’t stop there, as he went to Hamburg, Germany, to become a certified fashion/jewelry designer from the Learning System Institute. Upon completing his studies, Paulo joined the German Armed Forces where he is known as “Soldat mit Style” (German), and in English “soldier with style.”

Paulo took the time to travel the world because he wanted more. He would spend time in Paris, Milano, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York, Los Angeles, and other places, eagerly pursuing the different fashion and lifestyles as he built his brand. 

Paulo Domingos Manquele built a brand, which is coming out soon, as he promised. Everyone should be excited about that.  According to him, it is “a brand for everyone!”

The various trips around the world allowed Paulo to develop and master his style and fashion sense, having taken inspiration from the places he visited. 

He also speaks German, Portuguese, French, Lingala, English, and Spanish. “Not everyone speaks English in the world, so as a businessman, it is very important to speak other languages ​​too,” Paulo shared.

Today Paulo Domingos Manquele resides in the Washington DC Area and travels back and forth from the United States, Europe, Africa, Dominican Republic, and other places, working as a celebrity stylist and accompanying people in their journey to a new life. He not only inspires people; he also instills self-confidence. Paulo motivates people and encourages them, changing their look and fashion style to boost their self-esteem. 

He also suggests people places to go on vacation, having visited all 50 states and over 60 countries. “Travel is a key to your soul, travel and you will be happy.”

He can plan a shopping trip for his clients based on their budget and lifestyle. Paulo teaches people how to shop smart with lessons about knowing where they should splurge, where they should save, and where to shop. Applying all three lessons guarantee clients the basis of their own unique personalized list of wardrobe essentials, giving them pieces that will suffice for years to come. Paulo also puts his practice to work by editing his client’s wardrobe. He takes a look in their closet during the appointment to decide which pieces to keep, alter, donate, or sell. 

As an entrepreneur and the co-founder of the African VMAs and Angola Video Music Awards, which was held for the first time in Angola last 2019. They are currently looking forward to the next event after the pandemic.

Passionate about fashion, Paulo loves piecing all sorts of looks for various lifestyles, from confidence-boosters for parties or everyday life to the red carpet or television appearances. He attributes his energy and style to changing his life and those around him. Paulo Domingos Manquele hopes to continue changing people’s lives, lifestyles, and wardrobes in the many years to come.

To learn more about how you can improve your fashion style, you may visit Paulo Domingos Manquele’s website. He also regularly posts about his travels on Instagram.

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