This Canadian company is creating epic golf gloves. The world is paying attention.

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This Canadian company is creating epic golf gloves. The world is paying attention.

Golf gloves in various designs from classic to trendy are selling out fast.

Not so long ago golfers were offered a limited selection of golf gloves, white or black. There was not much room to express one’s self or individuality. At most, some golfers found gloves that came in solid colors such as blue, pink, or gray. While some companies have attempted to make gloves that feature an element of design, they simply are not up to golfers’ standards as far as performance is concerned. Kepel Golf offers golf gloves that have the perfect balance of performance and world class design.

Kepel Golf is a small company based in Vancouver, Canada that aims to infuse art into the beautiful game of golf. They offer the highest grade gear with the most exquisite design. Kepel Golf gloves feature high end cabretta leather for a luxury feel, and elegant designs by inspiring artists.

From classic solid designs to flowers and brightly colored pineapples, there seems to be a glove for every golfer in their wide selection of gloves. Famous athletes such as Brennen Davies, top prospect from the Chicago Cubs; Reggie Bush, former NFL legend and lastly, up and coming 2020 Challenge Tour Member, Canadian Branson Ferrier have all been spotted wearing Kepel.

“I don’t remember the last time I was this excited about golf gloves, if ever”, says actress Taylor Cole. Andrew Rasmussen of the PGA of Canada states that Kepel gloves are “Some of the most durable gloves on the market. I’ve tried them all and nothing looks, fits and feels like Kepel.”

Launched in May 2020, Kepel Golf has achieved great feats, including completely selling out 3 pre-order batches. Their artistic designs were curated by the most fashion forward minds in North America, and selected to be displayed at the Flying Solo store at 420 West Broadway, NYC in the fall. Kepel shared the stage with some of the most influential independent artists in the world.

Aside from stylishly designed golf gloves, Kepel Golf also offers polos made with breathable, stretch fabric that moves with the player. They also have golf balls and various other accessories for golfers who want high performance gear, such as socks and tees. When one chooses Kepel, they are choosing exclusive products with top class design that combines aesthetic appeal and performance. How long do you think it will take to see players on the PGA and LPGA wearing Kepel?

To view Kepel Golf’s selection of products, visit or Amazon

About Kepel Golf

Kepel Golf is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in creating beautifully designed golf gloves that meet the high performance requirements of golfers. They offer high quality, durable cabretta leather golf gloves in various designs for every taste.

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