Mary Yuan’s ‘Where Is Home?’ Taking Readers through a Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

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Mary Yuan’s ‘Where Is Home?’ Taking Readers through a Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

Mary Yuan’s ‘Where Is Home?’ Taking Readers through a Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

Youth isn’t always a sign of inexperience. This declaration is, in fact, true for authorpreneur Mary Yuan, who has recently launched her book entitled Where Is Home? which shares a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that goes well beyond her years. In a short amount of time, the book has circled the globe and a mile, reaching multitudes and inspiring many about the path to finding love and meaning in this broken world. 

Mary originally hails from Beijing, China, later moving to Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Emory University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. The author and entrepreneur has had a wealth of experience from her many travels, bringing her realizations on what brings people the sense of home and belongingness and teaching people how to find the healing power of home wherever they may be. She outlines her epiphanies in her recent book, Where Is Home?, which she launched last December 12, 2020.

Mary’s book is a heartfelt memoir of her journey after discovering her parents were getting a divorce. After losing her feelings of security, comfort, and love, she went on a quest to learn a new home, traveling around the world and then returning to her family to restore and reconnect with her roots once more. “I wrote my book because I want to uplift people by inviting them to the rich conversation about home, solo traveling, and identity,” shares the author. “When I first got the news of my parents’ divorce, I wished I had a book in my hands that could speak to my experience. That’s why I decided to write this book to share my heartfelt and vulnerable stories with the world.” 

Where Is Home? brings readers to the deserts of Dubai, tops of the Swiss Alps, dark caves of the Turks and Caicos, waters of the Caribbean, and beyond. It tells of a tale of a young Gen Z adventurer who found more than a world’s worth of learnings and landed into a renewed sense of family and acceptance. Mary Yuan also narrates other experiences, including her experiences with betrayal, heartache, and inner healing.

As a solo traveler, Mary shares her transition from a young immigrant girl from Beijing to a woman who has seen the world and all it has to offer. Where Is Home? is a book that brings healing to people who have experienced emotional trauma and search for ways to cope. 

Since the book’s launch, it has received raving reviews from experts and the general public. Christopher Kai, Founder, and CEO at The Mathem Group and Fortune 100 Global speaker shares his two cents on the book, saying: “Mary Yuan’s bold story inspires us to find our own sense of belonging. A must-read for anyone who wants to feel more at home and at peace with themselves.”

In line with the recently launched hit of a book, Mary Yuan has also started her podcast of the same title and shares more of her realizations and experiences with audiences everywhere. After all that she has accomplished, the author continues to dream bigger. Mary hopes to see her book turn into a big screen or Netflix show. She’s also looking to follow up on Where Is Home? with more books in the coming years. 

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