Resolutus Technologies Inc is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Nutrition Stores Nationwide.

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Resolutus Technologies Inc is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Nutrition Stores Nationwide.

Resolutus Technologies Inc is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Nutrition Stores Nationwide.

Resolutus’ Extreme Absorption GI Enhancer for enhanced absorption and bioavailability of nutrients
RESOLUTUS GI Enhancer – Our premium digestive enzyme blend combines the power of premium ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, MCT powder, turmeric extract, and more, in a high-strength formula that can help maintain a strong immune defense, support excellent gut health, digestion, and repair your internal barrier. This digestive enzyme supplement is organic and manufactured in GMP facilities in the USA, delivering powerful results for a well-balanced and active lifestyle.

MIDDLETOWN, DE – May 25, 2021 – Resolutus Technologies Incorporated, a supplement company engaged in the development of innovative technology for increasing absorption and bioavailability of a wide range of orally dosed therapeutics, including supplements and pharmaceuticals, announced last week that it has released its flagship product, the Extreme Absorption GI Enhancer, which is designed to be taken with other products to improve their overall efficacy and performance. In a unique 2-step system, already cleared by the FDA for public consumption, Resolutus has paired its GI Enhancer product with the advanced Neuro-Power brain formula designed to improve mood, focus, memory, clarity, and enhance learning.

“We are excited about the testimonials we are receiving from consumers who are already enjoying our stimulant-free Extreme Absorption products and believe our emphasis on supplement absorption and bioavailability will set a higher standard for the industry in the days to come” says A.T. Snoots, President of Resolutus Technologies. “We’re grateful for the many years spent in the industry, especially in research and development of similar technologies, as well as the relationships created along the way in the biotech sector. Those years have proven invaluable in helping us define our mission for creating more effective over-the-counter products that ultimately will improve overall quality of life. Imagine picking up a supplement off the shelf in your favorite store and getting 80-90% of it into your bloodstream rather than less than 10% as most products offer today. It’s such a waste. With our pipeline of novel oral drug delivery technologies and advanced formulations, that is the direction we are heading while making a healthy body more easily attainable by use of better products with greater efficacy Our commitment is to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction while working only with FDA approved technologies. We hope to initiate our own R&D program soon to begin the pre-clinical phase of testing our platform technology for oral delivery of various medications, and the next generation of therapeutics.”

Resolutus Technologies was founded in 2020 with a mandate to develop technological solutions for the vitamin and supplement industry and deliver much more effective over-the-counter products to consumers. In early 2020, Resolutus began working with inventors of other oral delivery technologies, one of which included a viable oral insulin model previously presented to Big Pharma using a novel transport technology, which it expects to be effective for biologics and small molecules.

About Resolutus Technologies Incorporated

Resolutus Technologies was founded in 2020 by a team of biotech entrepreneurs, after investing 9 years in the sector with a brilliant team of talented scientists and inventors. As R&D continues, Resolutus’ current products and those in the pipeline are designed utilizing safe and effective, FDA-approved technology for advanced formulations of vitamins and supplements more readily absorbed by the body for superior results.

A.T. Snoots, II is an entrepreneur with over 9 years experience in the biotech sector, 25 years experience in organization management and over 16 years in the Information Technology sector. In September 2000, A.T. joined T-Metrics, Inc serving as Systems Integration Manager and a Senior Product Specialist/Consultant for global installations of customized telephony systems. T-Metrics is a software developer specializing in modern telephony/IT solutions for large organizations all over the world with a customer base that spans 20 countries and is comprised of organizations such as state, local and federal governments; colleges and universities; hospitals; banks and law offices; large and small corporations; and the US military. T-Metrics is known for delivering the finest innovative products, the best customer service in the industry, and according to Dun & Bradstreet, remains in the top 5% of it’s market. A.T. is the founder of Resolutus Technologies and Pacific Oracle apparel and accessories, both of which can be found on

Media Contact: A. T. Snoots, (for Resolutus Technologies), (800) 916-7083

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