Readlax launches brain training app designed to improve memory, increase focus

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Readlax launches brain training app designed to improve memory, increase focus

Readlax has unveiled a new brain training app that helps individuals improve their memory, read faster, and increase their focus.

Readlax: Brain Games is a versatile and powerful app for people who want to learn faster and more effectively. It is a game-changer in the mobile game industry which seeks to improve users’ memory while bolstering their critical thinking and concentration,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

With more people looking for brain training games to boost their mental functioning, Readlax was developed to help individuals across the globe improve their memory and concentration and enhance other cognitive skills.  

The mobile application is rich with features that enable users to improve concentration, reduce stress, enhance learning capacity, improve empathy, and expand upon their current vocabulary using the apps’ unique brain games and teaching style. 

As a brain training app, Readlax is scientifically designed to target specific areas of the human mind and improve the memory and sharpness of the brain. 

The app features sets of memory games that work on various brain areas and improve memory and boost concentration. The app provides methods to enhance users’ learning. 

It showcases Speed Reading Games, which train the brain to enhance and speed up reading. 

The app also exposes users to reading books and news articles. Readlax stressed that “the more people read, the more words you are exposed to.”

Readlax’s Memory Grid Game trains working memory and peripheral vision. On the other hand, the Letter Grid Game trains visual span –– the number of letters that can be recognized reliably without moving the eyes.

It also features the Bigram Game, an excellent exercise for word recognition training using peripheral vision. Rapid and effortless word recognition is the main component of speed reading. 

Other games include the Memory Number Grid Game and Number Grid Game, which train the peripheral vision and work of two hemispheres.

Readlax is free from in-app advertisements and is suitable for ages four and above, according to the Appstore. It is rated PEGI 3 via Google Play.

This fun app improves an individual’s cognitive abilities, which include memory and concentration. The other skills users could enhance by playing games featured in the app include critical thinking, organizational and productivity skills, life skills, thinking and reasoning, and tech skills.

“While some turn to brain supplements for a sharper brain, Readlax offers a wonderful and smart app that is designed to improve memory and sharpness of the brain. It’s an excellent choice for young and old alike,” the representative explained.

In fact, spending just some minutes a few times each week playing the app can provide measurable improvement in a user’s performance, according to Readlax. Its ultimate goal is to improve the performance of important everyday tasks.

With a top-notch mobile app getting the brain to work, it also helps control stress and emotions to make users feel better.

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