Shopaholly has Four Golden Rules for Website Owners

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Shopaholly has Four Golden Rules for Website Owners is a blogging website with a focus on affiliate marketing. But, its primary purpose is to be a playground, for SEO and conversion optimization says Ben, owner of

“I’ve been designing and developing websites since I was 17, mainly for small businesses. While I love what I do, I have always had that desire to have something of my own where I can test whatever I want to”.

So, Shopaholly was born. And, within weeks, the website started accumulating affiliate income.

“Shopaholly is my playground. It allows me to test whatever I want. I love implementing concepts like a SILO structure and seeing how it affects my rankings, among many other things”.

According to Ben, focusing on the following 4 things will ensure a website is heading in the right direction:

  1. If content is King, SEO is its Queen
    Talking to website owners, they understand the concept of SEO, but it pretty much ends there. Tools like ahrefs have made it easier than ever to work on SEO, do keyword research, and monitor rankings. Rankings come well before traffic, so don’t rely on just statistics tools like Google Analytics. Ahrefs offers paid subscriptions, but even the free plan offers a huge advantage. In my opinion, Ahrefs is a must for every website owner.

  2. Stop making other websites and businesses rich
    “I believe far too many website owners pay too much for backlinks, PPC advertising, press releases, and so on. If you can make a killing from PPC advertising, great! But the majority of people hardly break even. Who is really profiting here? It’s usually the PPC platform.”
    Rather than paying for questionable results, invest in content, SEO, AB tests, and loading speed times. Try it for a month or two, it may lead to reconsidering budgets.

  3. Track as much as possible
    There are plenty of tools out there that allow various tracking. Ahrefs as previously mentioned is wonderful to track keyword positioning, estimated traffic value, backlinks, and so on. Google analytics, is a great way to see how people interact with the website itself. If the business invests in advertising, it’s a necessity to easily find out what this audience is doing, and what it is worth.

  4. Pay attention to what keyword rankings are saying
    With tools like Ahrefs, it’s easy to monitor how keywords of a certain page are ranking. If a certain keyword keeps fluctuating up and down, it’s usually a sign that the page isn’t optimized well enough for that keyword.

“When I analyse a page and I see a keyword that keeps bouncing up and down, I see an opportunity for an additional page. I have seen additional pages created this way rank within 1-3 weeks rather than 4-8 months. Be sure to link to the new page from the relevant content of the original page”.

Ben Peetermans has over a decade of experience in design, SEO, marketing, front-end development and online business. While he has lost count, he has worked with well over 200 businesses across the world.

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