How to Pack Heavy Items For Easy Shipping

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How to Pack Heavy Items For Easy Shipping

How to Pack Heavy Items For Easy Shipping
Packing Service, Inc shares information on how to effectively and safely pack heavy items for transportation.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – May 25, 2021 – When it comes to packing heavy items, use suitable packaging materials. The risk is not worth it, so it is essential to use suitable packaging material when transporting bulky items. Whenever a company packs heavy items, try to pay particular attention to the packaging material.

When packing sensitive items, the shipping plan should be heavily loaded. Any customers who want to ship fragile items such as glasses, alcohol, perfume, electronics, etc. Packers and loaders offer customized mailers and shipping boxes with B-flutes.

1. Wrap carefully

With a thickness of 1 / 8 inch, it provides the extra security required for shipping glassware and other sensitive items. For items sent with holes or openings, fill the empty space with crumpled paper or bubble wrap. Wrap items that are shipped in a thick layer of bubble wrap or bubble wrap to fill the empty spaces in the box.

Crumpled newspapers or wrapping paper are not ideal cushioning material for heavy objects, as it compresses the shipment. If the consignment cannot move, the box slips and pops and knocks. Even if the box is secured with several objects or components, it can move and smash fragile objects, crushing the protective packaging material. The best service provider of Crate and ship know all the process better.

2. Use Tailor-made boxes 

Tailor-made boxes can be made in Hazmat and Non-Hamzat to accommodate bulky and long objects. If the box is too large to accommodate the items without bending or tearing, or if the box is too large, the extra empty space will make it easier to crush them. Put the company logo on the individual box to make the brand recognizable and visible.

3. Cover with an extra layer 

Before storing the heavy items, first cover them with an extra layer of packaging instead of a single one. They should be placed as far as possible at the bottom of the box to prevent them from crushing other objects. Guarantee the safety of the valuable possessions, protect all the property from damage and eliminate the possibility of injuring when transporting heavy items through improper packaging techniques.

4. Minimalism

While many recommend minimalism when packing, normal crumpled paper may not be enough to pack large, heavy items. When packing heavy items, use a new box with stitched seams and strong padding – heavy items tend to shift during transport, and common packaging materials such as bubble wrap and crumpled paper do not withstand the weight of the items when they are moved. Try to pack these items into boxes that bend under the weight and move within the boxes themselves.

Remember that packing heavy household items can be somewhat difficult due to the items’ greater weight and considerable bulkiness. Pack heavy and fragile items with extreme care and do not make cartons heavier than 50 pounds. Undoubtedly, the best way to pack heavy things is to have a reliable helper when packing.

As a rule of thumb, items heavier than 50 kg should be packed and moved by a skilled person. Rent a professional moving company that saves time, effort, and headaches, as it has experience in transporting heavy objects and has the appropriate tools and professional know-how to ensure safe and efficient removal.

Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are the best choice for heavy works of art and other expensive shapes, fragile, heavy objects, and thick packaging. The thicker the packaging, the lower the risk of damaging objects on the floor if a weighty object is dropped while carrying it.

Heavy goods must be bundled in packaging strong enough to withstand loading and unloading from forklifts, temperature and humidity fluctuations, the risk of vibration from the truck (s), compression sides and other packages stacked on loading load. The Pallet shipping cost of heavy goods depends on the exact weight of the package, the selected shipping method, the distance of the package, and the time of arrival. Less than truckload is the cheapest way to ship heavy goods because freight forwarders specialize in transporting heavy parcels, freight is not subject to maximum weight restrictions, and oversized parcels are charged less.

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