Grisel Companioni Publishes First Children’s Book “Buddy, My Great Companion,” Profiling the Life of Her Dog and Their 22 Years Relationship

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Grisel Companioni Publishes First Children’s Book “Buddy, My Great Companion,” Profiling the Life of Her Dog and Their 22 Years Relationship

Dogs are reckoned to be man’s best friend, and this children’s book from Grisel Companioni is about her dog, Buddy, and the relationship they shared that spanned for close to 22 years

Grisel Companioni is thrilled to announce that his first children’s book, “Buddy, My Great Companion,” a book written to lay bare the life, moments, and relationship with her dog, Buddy, has been published. In the book, Grisel teaches children how to care for and love animals, especially their pets. She also teaches them to appreciate pets for always being there for them and what is expected of them as pet owners.

“This story is about a dog named Buddy and his friendship with his owner. From the moment she wakes up, Buddy is always there. When she leaves for work, Buddy cannot wait to receive her back in the evening and play with her. They eat together, play Frisbee, go to the dog park and cuddle up at night. Buddy is like her child who has been there for her in sadness and in joy to keep her company.” commented Grisel on her longstanding relationship with Buddy.

Buddy passed away on May 17, 2021, and was three months short of turning 22 years old (August 15). According to Buddy’s vet doctor and people living in Staten Island, NY, Buddy was reckoned to be the most senior dog in the city. The book reveals how the author cared for her dog and shows how much of blissful relationship children can have with their pets provided they take good care of them.

Pets are susceptible to danger and may not be able to help themselves at some point. It is why taking care of pets and providing them with the requisite security can help them stay around for longer. The best pets can only be seen when their owners love them without reserve, care for them, and protect them. Grisel shares her experiences in this regard and how they helped her take care of Buddy for 21 years.

The book “Buddy, My Great Companion,” is now available on Amazon and can be ordered in Kindle or Paperback formats. Grisel Companioni promises to release more children’s books on Buddy’s life and her relationship with the dog.

About Grisel Companioni

Grisel Companioni is a passionate first-time author and a dog lover with a dog named Buddy that is 21 years old. Drawing from her life experience, she crafts exciting stories to pass a message and a life lesson. With a background in Healthcare for over eight years, Grisel believes that life should be enjoyed and every moment with loved ones should be cherished. She is grateful for every blessing that comes her way every single day.

Please visit the book’s Amazon listing page to order the book “Buddy, My Great Companion,” please visit the book’s Amazon listing page.

For further inquiries about “Buddy, My Great Companion” and the other books to be released by Grisel Companioni on Buddy, send an email to [email protected].

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