How Tanya Stupak found her true passion in coaching after moving out to another country

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How Tanya Stupak found her true passion in coaching after moving out to another country

Using her knowledge in psychology, coaching, and own experience, Tanya Stupak supports other people in their transformation as she went through it on her own a while ago.

“I went from the point where I had no clue what to do with my life, what a person I am. Living alone in Germany helped me take responsibility for my reality, become an open-minded individual, and find my “soul tribe” and my purpose. While getting my Master’s degree, I spent all days learning, dealing with challenges, pushing myself to get off my comfort zone on a daily basis, and working with my mentors,” – she said.

Growth as a conscious choice

After finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Finance and moving to Germany afterwards, she was facing challenges during her studies:

“During my Master’s, I had been learning some disciplines in German for the first time in my life when I had to translate every single word to prepare for lectures. Working in a tense environment shaped my character a lot. I believe every challenging situation is an opportunity to the next level if you are hardworking and patient, surround yourself with people who support and inspire you.”

While conducting interviews for her Master’s thesis about labor migration, Tanya asked people deep questions about their life experiences and realized how she enjoyed dealing with individuals:

“I managed to open up people very quickly though it was the first time I have seen them in my life. I got to know their way of thinking, why they chose a certain path, and they shared with me really personal details of their lives. I felt trust and integrity. As I realized later after getting my diploma in coaching, I asked them transformative questions used in coaching.”

Magic of small everyday actions

As Tanya mentioned later, self-reflection and small daily actions helped her to identify her passion in life:

“Sometimes you are just overwhelmed by information around, trying to distinguish the things your soul truly wants from the ones imposed by others. Knowledge in psychology and the power of small steps helped me in that: realizing my patterns, working on my mindset, taking responsibility for all my life decisions, giving myself the things I desire, asking myself regularly about my true wishes. I guess when you are ready for something, you start to see the opportunities you haven’t seen before – that’s how I got my diploma Master Coach after finishing my Masters and have been putting my knowledge into practice.”

Tanya believes each person is able to come to their desired point B, but you should be ready to pay the price with your own time, money, energy, and other available resources:

“The human brain’s purpose is to survive. Normally the brain consumes approximately 8-12% of the body’s energy. When we learn new things, use different strategies in life, the consumption of energy is around 20-25% – that’s why changing old behavior, acting differently isn’t easy, but that’s our choice to make efforts or not. Though repeating the same patterns in life feels more comfortable and predictable, you are able to get out of your comfort zone with the most powerful tool you have – your brain. And as a coach, I am here to support my clients and reveal the answers they have been looking for to reach their goals”.

Check out Tanya’s website to book a coaching session. You can also drop by her Instagram account.

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