Author Kenneth Gottfried Announces Three Books on the Roles the US Justice Department the American Psychological Association and family court play in Child Abuse and Parental Separation

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Author Kenneth Gottfried Announces Three Books on the Roles the US Justice Department the American Psychological Association and family court play in Child Abuse and Parental Separation

Kenneth Gottfried, a marketing expert and business development consultant, has published three books on international child abuse, child trafficking, domestic violence, based on his experience and research.

Author and child’s right advocate Kenneth Gottfried announces his three books on child abuse and parental alienation. The titles of the books are “Child Abusers wear Black Robes”, “Killing Judges”, and “Victim”. Kenneth’s books provide insightful facts based on evidence about the US government the APA, and the Justice Department’s role in child trafficking, domestic violence, and international child abuse.  

The books are written to help educate the public on what is really going on about child trafficking, child abuse, and parental separations involving family court judges and top government officials 

Kenneth writes in simple and understandable language that most people will quickly and easily understand. He presents details of many years of research, interviews with top officials, victims, and personal experience.  

Kenneth Gottfried was born in New Jersey, and he grew up with so much love for mathematics. He is now an expert in marketing and providing resources and support to help other people build successful businesses. Kenneth’s life was going smooth and fun until he had family court corruption which led to his two amazing daughters taken away from him. He’s not seen them since 2013.  

The author’s experience with the family courts and the justice department was a terrible episode in his life which had him venting in anger for years. But then, he realized that he’s not the only one dealing with these issues. Over 23 million Americans are victims of a system established to frustrate parents and destroy families. 

In his book, “Child Abusers wear Black Robes: Essential information when Judges abuse your children”, he educates readers on child abuse, how to recognize it and ways to fight back. He also includes templates of letters that parents can write to schools, media, bar association, etc. Readers also learn how to demand a judge recuse themselves if they suspect a judge is psychologically abusing their children in their case.  

“Killing Judges: The upcoming massacre of family court judges” is a forty-page book available in Kindle and paperback. It talks about childhood psychological abuse, the trauma of separation, and the effects of parental alienation on parents. Readers will also learn ways to deal with and avoid parental alienation.  

The third book, “Victim: How the American Psychological Association Kills Parents, Abuses Children & Grows Their Base”, discusses the personal experience of Kenneth Gottfried with the American Psychological Association and how they are completely aware of this child and parental trauma and actively go out of their way to intentionally increase the harm to children and parents. He has also personally discussed this with the past 4 presidents of the American Psychological Association and how they intentionally traumatize children and parents.  

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About Kenneth Gottfried 

Kenneth Gottfried is an author, mathematics enthusiast, and marketing expert from New Jersey. He has published three books on child abuse and the negative impact of parental separation and its destruction of American families. The author empowers readers on speedy identification of child abuse issues and how to deal with them.  

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