Buying a Used Car Can Be Better Than Buying New

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Buying a Used Car Can Be Better Than Buying New

Buying a Used Car Can Be Better Than Buying New

Whether you’re focusing on the pre-owned market or a TV ad has you determined to find the new car of your dreams, each choice has its pros and cons. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve listed a few reasons why it’s better to buy used than to buy new.

Used Cars Don’t Depreciate

The first reason is also the biggest. With few exceptions, it’s a bad idea to buy a new automobile as an investment. Today’s cars are lasting longer than ever before, but they still lose much of their value early on. While some cars and trucks handle it better than others do, in most cases, a new vehicle will lose about half its value within three years.

While new-car ownership comes with numerous benefits, depreciation is a disadvantage that makes buying a used car a financially sensible idea. Visit us at to learn more about the benefits of buying used cars.

Getting More Value for Your Money

Shopping for a pre-owned car can be more fun than trying to work a new one into the family’s budget. Due to the depreciation mentioned above, your money will take you further if you buy a used car. Though your budget may only allow you to buy a bare-bones or entry level new model, the same amount can get you a well-equipped used vehicle that’s just a couple of model years old.

Certified Pre-Owned Choices

For many buyers, the reassurance a good warranty provides is worth the price of a new automobile. Today, though, most automakers offer some sort of CPO or certified pre-owned program, which makes buying a used car less worrisome. These programs vary by manufacturer, mileage, and time limits, and many offer perks such as roadside assistance and loaner vehicle usage.

A Wider Variety

Each year, over 350 models hit the United States new-car market. If you’re looking for even more choices, however, the pre-owned section may be a better option. Everyone’s tastes are different, and the used car market has something for every buyer.

Saving on Insurance

Your car or truck’s value is the biggest factor insurers use to determine rates. It makes sense; the pricier a car, the more they may have to pay in the event of an accident. Because of depreciation, it costs less to insure a used car than a new one. While you may not notice much of a difference between a two-year old car and a new one, your insurer will.

Lower Registration Fees

Depending on where you live, an older car may cost much less to register. Many states vary these fees depending on a vehicle’s power, weight, or age. If you’re in one of these areas, buying a used car may help you save money every year at registration renewal time.


Though there’s a lot to be said for that new-car feeling, there are just as many reasons to consider making your next automobile a pre-owned model. With plenty of late-model used cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles, Bluff Road Auto Sales has something for everyone. Get in touch with us at or give us a call today.

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