HealthyLine Revolutionizes Therapy Devices with Its PEMF and FIR Therapy Mats

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HealthyLine Revolutionizes Therapy Devices with Its PEMF and FIR Therapy Mats

These nature-inspired medical devices will facilitate improved health all year round.

HealthyLine offers revolutionary wellness devices that are designed to improve users’ health by providing several natural therapies. These patented products contain a combination of natural gemstones, far infrared therapy (FIR), pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), negative ions, and photon red light therapy — all to provide a holistic approach to healing.

HealthyLine ensures that these medical-grade devices are of the highest standard and affordable, allowing any consumer to obtain their profound benefits. Even doctors, chiropractors, and wellness professionals worldwide have utilized PEMF and FIR therapies found in HealthyLine mats to provide a one-of-a-kind healing experience for their clients.

The Platinum Mat™, one of HealthyLine’s latest and best-selling products, is a full-sized model of the most advanced gemstone heat therapy series ever created. Along with all five therapies, it features an advanced PEMF system that allows users to fully customize the magnetic field to cater to their health and wellness needs.

The Platinum Mat™ comes with 12 pre-set programs that can help users fall asleep easier and wake up with more energy — all with the click of a button. It also helps the body to recover faster from daily tension and stress, rejuvenate cells, promote better mood, manage pain, and so much more.

HealthyLine is guided by a quality management system, assuring customers that only the highest quality technology and medical-grade materials are used in each of over 100 devices. HealthyLine emphasizes its dedication to its customers’ health and wellness by offering an in-house customer service team to provide one-on-one personalized support. “Our number one priority is our customers, helping them understand how to best utilize their new product and share their experience with their loved ones,” says Daniela C., Customer Service Manager at HealthyLine.

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HealthyLine helps people worldwide improve their lifestyle by providing heated natural gemstone therapy devices and other quality tools to help customers achieve better health and wellness.

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