Fiera’s acclaimed book “Legacy of the Elder” leaves fans wondering if vampires really exist

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Fiera’s acclaimed book “Legacy of the Elder” leaves fans wondering if vampires really exist

Author Fiera gives depth to the bloodthirsty with her celebrated vampire book “Legacy of the Elder,” transporting readers to new places, ideas, and ideals.

Author Fiera has taken pop culture’s fascination with the vampire genre to the next level with her engaging, smartly written book “Legacy of the Elder.”  

Although published as fiction, Legacy of The Elder is Fiera’s true-life account of her personal induction into vampire hood.  

Informative, tragic, and funny, Fiera’s story explains and dispels the myths that haunt human folklore while revealing the heart and soul of the lovable and despicable creatures people know as vampires.

When asked about her favorite quote that would interest readers, the author referred to a conversation between Henry and Fiera. 

The excerpt stated: “Do you think love is blue, Fiera?” “I don’t believe love can be bright yellow or fluffy pink if it’s the real thing. Blue is full of sadness and reality, but that’s because it doesn’t lie. It’s committed to being steadfast and true, but if it fades, blue just seems kinder and more forgiving than other colors. Yeah, Henry, I think love must be blue.”

Several writers and authors have praised Fiera for presenting relatable and believable characters that are sure to get readers invested in the overall story.

Dr. E. James Lieberman described Fiera as the “best ever Esperanto student” he had, adding that the book will transport readers to new places, ideas, and ideals. Lieberman served as president of the Esperanto-USA and delegate in medicine of the World Esperanto Association. 

Richard Winn, a freelance writer and author of Waterflooding Squirrel Sand Formations, said that “Legacy of The Elder” will leave fans wondering if vampires really do exist.

This point is seconded by author Jeanette Lawrence, who affirmed in her review: “Just when you think you know everything about vampires, Fiera comes along to set your imagination on fire.” Lawrence is the author of “Your Child’s Daycare: Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish.” 

Meanwhile, author Arthur Jackson said the masterpiece would “hold readers’ attention from start to finish.”  

“Whenever I had to put it down, I was eager to pick it up again and experience what was going to happen next,” says Jackson, author of “How to Live the Good Life: A User’s Guide for Modern Human.”

Jackson, who hails from Palo Alto, California, says Fiera is a talented writer and author who was exceptionally good in presenting the characters as believable.  

“I related to them – smiled when things went well and even shed a tear of happiness for them – worried when things were going badly. She made it easy for me to suspend disbelief and move along eagerly with the story as it progressed,” adds Jackson.  

Those interested to get a copy of “Legacy of The Elder” can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Book Depository

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