Bringing Strong Hearts Together at Persevere K

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Bringing Strong Hearts Together at Persevere K

Find the right support and community for CHD families.

Babies are indeed a bundle of joy especially for new parents who are just starting to build their families. Just imagining the laughter of a baby and its tiny hand holding dearly to his or her mother is heartwarming. Moments like this change people’s lives forever.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect world. Some parents have to face it early on that their beloved son or daughter may be battling a heart complication. Nothing is more heartbreaking than learning that the most precious baby in the world would need to fight for his or her dear life against Congenital Heart Disease or CHD. This is what inspired the making of Persevere K

In January 2021, the founders of Persevere K welcomed their sweet boy, Theo, into the world. While they could not be any happier, the doctors noticed a dip in the baby’s heart rate and later on diagnosed him with CHD. It was definitely not easy, there were a lot of medical procedures involved to keep Theo healthy. Because of this life-changing experience, they created Persevere K for families with CHD to have a community and support system that can help each other.

At Persevere K, families come together to find hope. Sometimes, all people need is the inspiration to carry on, the comfort of knowing that there are people rooting for their families to come out of these challenges stronger.

It is a known fact that parenting is no walk in the park especially to a precious angel battling a heart disease. There are a lot of unknowns and a lot to learn but the child is the main inspiration parents make it through every hurdle. The battle with CHD is the parent’s as it is the child’s, and it can be stressful and tiring. But knowing that the baby is fighting and believing that the baby will make it through gives off strength, to rise from the situation and look past all the medical appointments, medications, and other issues that may arise.

As a way of giving back and providing support to others who may need it, Persevere K also sells baby onesies with inspirational heart statements with a percentage of its profit being donated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, The Children’s Heart Foundation, and Save a Child’s Heart Foundation.

Together, parents and their children will become stronger and survive CHD. To become part of the community, visit the website

About Persevere K

Persevere K is a growing community for families with children diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

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