Menotech Launches First-ever Smart-Speaker App To Support Women Through Menopause

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Menotech Launches First-ever Smart-Speaker App To Support Women Through Menopause

“Women in midlife have been globally ignored by the advancement of technology, at Menotech we are building technology to revolutionize the everyday lives of women in midlife”.

Menotech, an incubator founded to build technology to support and empower women in midlife, has launched the first-ever smart speaker application supporting women entering perimenopause and menopause.

How does it work: 

Hot Flush Helper, currently available as an Amazon Alexa Skill, takes women through a breathing exercise to combat menopause symptoms such as hot flashes / hot flushes, anxiety, and stress and is free to enable. The breathing exercise enables women to regain calmness by simply issuing the voice command “Alexa, open hot flush helper.”

Described as “Just what every woman wants” in a review on Amazon Alexa, the Hot Flush Helper currently has a five-star rating on the platform.

By 2025, it is expected that 75% of US households will have a smart speaker and Hot Flush Helper is only the beginning for Menotech who aim to build smart tech to support women with early menopause symptoms and combating menopause at work.  

Menotech is dedicated to redesigning Midlife and Menopause for the 21st century. Its mission is to create the best menopause apps, delivering community connection, health tracking, and the Internet of Things innovation to ensure a better-connected future for women through midlife.

“It’s time the tech industry wakes up to the fact that 50% of the world’s population will experience menopause. A lot of women are still silent about their experiences because of the stigma associated with the condition. At Menotech, we are collaborating with thinkers to bring to life what we hope is just the beginning of a tech revolution for women’s health tech.” – Founder, Camilla Mary-Rose.

The femtech company runs an event series that brings together experts and trend makers in the age positivity movement, and also has a Twitter profile for direct interaction with all women.

Menotech maintains that the Hot Flush Helper breathing exercise is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnoses. And implores women with severe menopause symptoms to visit a doctor for proper medical advice.

Helpful links: 

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