Candyverse. The Sweetest NFT: Mint Event Takes Place January 14th, 2022 at 10:00 PM EST.

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Candyverse. The Sweetest NFT: Mint Event Takes Place January 14th, 2022 at 10:00 PM EST.

Mark the date. Candy Critter NFT is the ticket to the Candyverse. All owners will receive exclusive invites to their Initial Coin Offering, Initial Land Plot Sales, and Initial Candyverse Accessories.

Scottsdale, Arizona – Not so long ago, the term NFT was exploding the internet. And yet again, NFTs are on the rise again. For the readers who are not yet familiar with the term, NFT is abbreviated for Non-Fungible Token. Explaining what NFT exactly is can be complicating. To simply put, through blockchain technology digital objects, like JPEG file or a virtual sneaker or even a meme that people normally would think of as infinitely reproducible can now be made scarce. Confused?

NFT is an irreplaceable token. Each token is unique. Unlike bitcoins which are fungible. An NFT can be traded with other unique NFT. The future belongs to NFTs. Incidentally, the dog kitty themed NFTs proliferated skyrocketed and people are loving it. The Candyverse is filled with adorable inhabitants known as candy critters.

Initially there are 10,000 unique Candy Critters NFTs which are algorithmically generated on the Blockchain. They all have their own identity and composed of a combination of various elements and features. Owning a Candy Critter will act as a gateway to enter the Candyverse. Minting a candy critter NFT is the gateway to exclusive rewards and features in the candyverse. 

The thing that has changed in all these years from Boomers to Generation Z is the importance of financial stability. Thanks to many platforms today, Generation Z is increasingly showing interest in earning a Passive Income. A Passive Income is the need of today given that the price of commodities is hiking by each passing year. Candyverse is an initiative which allows a smooth passive income. Earn Passive Income via Candyverse Coin Just By Holding Onto a a Candy Critter NFT. Earn Exclusive Whitelist Privileges To All Future Land Plot Releases.

Earn Exclusive Whitelist Privileges To Candyverse Land Accessories. All this and alot more! Join the Whitelist today and get ready for the upcoming Mint!

Despite the consistent air of doubt which is around NFT projects, Candyverse seems to be a people oriented project, truly dedicated to provide for the holders. And they are so far proving themselves, they are going the claims. And here is the best part, readers will be awestruck to know Giveaway list of Phase 1. It includes: 5 random lucky Candy Critter NFT holders will get a Tesla Model 3! Yes, and not years of wait but within 24 hours of the reveal. The developer of this project shared: “To keep everything as transparent as possible, we have a 3rd party number generator as well as a 3rd party host of the event to ensure numbers drawn are completely random. Complete results of numbers and giveaways will be provided on all of our social media as well as website.”

It doesn’t end here, 10 Candy Critter owners will receive a $10,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum. 20 Candy Critter owner will receive a brand new iPad. And there is much more! Click here to see: Candyverse Giveaways

With this and so much more to offer to their holders, Candyverse definitely stands out from the usual projects. 

For Phase 2, Candyverse coin will be released in early 2022.  Not only will the coin be used as currency within the Candyverse, but is also key to earning rewards (income) off of owning an NFT. For Phase 3, The Candyverse will be a Metaverse with approximately 100,000 land plots.  These land plots will be divided into 10 districts. Candy Critter NFT holders will automatically be whitelisted for the first land plot drop. Owning a land plot will increase Candyverse coin rewards. And the last Phase, well maybe there might be more to come, holders will build land plot with NFT accessories.  Each accessory will earn a Candyverse Coin Rewards.  Challenge other Candyverse inhabitants to mini games wagering Candyverse Coin.  Explore the world, participate in challenges, interact with Candyverse Critters, and hold VR events on land.

The holders, after they have minted a Candy Critter NFT, will be able to see it by connecting their crypto wallet to OpenSea.

For more details and information visit their website.

About Candyverse

The Sweetest NFT and Metaverse project.  Minting a candy critter NFT is your gateway to exclusive rewards and features in the candyverse.  There are 10,000 candy critters looking for a forever home. Mint takes place on January 14th, 2022. 

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