Saving the Environment and Cost-Savings Occur with E-Bikes and Electric Scooters

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Saving the Environment and Cost-Savings Occur with E-Bikes and Electric Scooters

E-Bikes and Electric Scooters in Canada are trending for great reasons!

Epic Cycles of Canada is a dealership that specializes in the most varied and cost-effective safe e-bikes and electric scooters.  E-bikes and electric scooters are much in demand as the newest mode of transportation in Canada.  These vehicles are charged electrically and can save consumers thousands of dollars per year in petrol/gas costs.  Instead of just manually pedaling a standard bicycle or walking continuously, consumers can go farther and have the e-bike or electric scooter do a lot of the work for them.  While all the different models can vary, they all have some type of motor that assists with the propulsion.  Motors and different components of the e-bikes and electric scooters can vary but all assist the rider with quicker transport and less manual work. 

Part of the great popularity of these electric-powered bikes and scooters are their “green” capacity.

Saving the environment is now very important to many Canadian consumers.  Always viewed as nature lovers that are concerned with the environment, Canadians have embraced the new electric powered vehicles wholeheartedly.  Electric powered methods of transport such as e-bikes and electric scooters are becoming very popular as they do not emit any carbon transmissions.  Unlike gas/petrol powered vehicles, the environment does not receive any unneeded pollutants using these.  Emissions from these electric powered transportation units, are really non-existent and the same as if an individual simply used a manually powered bicycle or scooter to travel around.  E-bikes and electric scooters can vary in mileage between charges, and in speeds, depending upon the terrain.  However, they are still much faster than pedaling a bike solely or propelling a standard scooter.  They are as easy to transport and carry as standard bicycles and scooters and many models “fold up” for ease of storage. 

The laws governing e-bikes and scooters can also be much more lenient.

Many provinces and territories in Canada do not require a license or permit for e-bikes or electric scooters.  There can be varying age requirements, however, with sixteen-years of age being the most standard requirement.  A good e-bike and electric scooter dealership such as Epic Cycles can assist purchasers of these motorized method of transport on the laws that are applicable depending upon location of residence.  The Justice Law Canada online site does spell out all the different requirements on age and other specifications for purchasers of these transportation methods.

Prices can vary by model but Epic Cycles sells kits to transform standard bikes and scooters. 

If an individual only wants to transform their standard bike or scooter into an electric powered model, there are kits that Epic Cycles does sell which can be self-installed by the consumer.  These kits can save money over the purchase of a whole new e-bike or electric scooter.  These transport methods have many names, e-bikes, e-scooters, and electric bicycles, but whatever they are called, they are a great savings overall, especially when purchased from a knowledgeable dealership such as Epic Cycles!

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is a dealership in Canada that specializes in all models and types of e-bikes and electric scooters.  A visit to their Web site can educate a consumer on this mode of transportation, as well as assist in the overall type of purchase a consumer would like to make.  Models can be ordered online but there are also store hours, M-F, 10 AM to 6 PM, and a phone number and locations of dealership.  Email questions are welcomed and there are kits available to transform standard bikes and scooters into electric powered ones.

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