UK born rapper Maar1fa drops new single “Victory in Love” featuring artist MMIX

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UK born rapper Maar1fa drops new single “Victory in Love” featuring artist MMIX

With the release of his latest track “Victory in Love”, UK born rapper Maar1fa is ready to show the world his talent. He created this song in collaboration with artist MMIX, and her soft, mesmerizing vocals perfectly compliment Maar1fa’s powerful vocal delivery and captivating lyrics. The song has good production quality that paves way for a great listening experience for the fans of Hip Hop and Rap.

David Lee Birch aka Maar1fa is a UK born rapper who grew up in the times of Hip Hop revolution in the US, listening to the likes of Tupac, Biggie and Nas. At the age of 18, he joined college and started working on improving his rap skills. His talent didn’t remain hidden for long and he went on to perform at some of the leading nightclubs in Wolverhampton and performed his original song “Don’t Quit” that was well-received by the audience.

Maar1fa’s journey accelerated from there onwards as he got opportunities to perform in shows, festivals, and other major events throughout the United Kingdom. His songs were also played in Newstyle Radio 98.7 FM, which garnered him a steadily growing fanbase in the city. Due to his influences and the period he grew up in, he holds his lyrics with high regard and prides himself on every witty bar and clever punchline.

Talking about his journey so far, Maar1fa says, “I started doing poetry when I was 11, and when I turned 16, me and my friend also a producer (dramasoundz) decided to start making music. My first release was called don’t quit, that I performed at a night club in Wolverhampton Birmingham. After this I did a song called Mummy’s gotta have a life too, that was played on the Newstyle radio 98.70 FM for 6 weeks, but then due to some personal reasons I stopped making music for a while and now I’m finally back at it again”.

Maar1fa takes his inspiration from social situations and his life events to write and create music. He wants to send a positive yet realistic message to his fans with his music. “I want to send a message of hope, truth, purpose, social awareness, political views, and consciousness with my music I hope the listeners can feel the emotions that I want to convey with my music”, states the artist.

Listen to Maar1fa’s latest single “Victory in Love” on

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