Artist Royalty and Music Services Recovers About 1.6 Million in Less Than 2 Years

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Artist Royalty and Music Services Recovers About 1.6 Million in Less Than 2 Years

Artist Royalty and Music Services Recovers About 1.6 Million in Less Than 2 Years
Artist Royalty and Music Services is unstoppable in helping artists recover uncollected royalties. A story of a little company whose unconventional approach is reaping big rewards.

Los Angeles, California – Apr 13, 2020 – Artist Royalty and Music Services (ARMS), the only company that directs royalties straight to the artists, is pleased to share that they have recovered roughly 1.6 million dollars in under 2 years. Despite being a fairly new company, they have already proven their expertise in recovering uncollected royalties for artists and their heirs. They are the only company in the field of royalty recovery that allows the artist to receive the money directly. ARMS gets their commissions paid from the artist only when the artist receives a check or direct deposit from various performing rights agencies. is a family-owned LLC company founded by veteran music producer David Salas. David has had a long and successful career in music. He has produced notable acts such as  Smokey Robinson, Jenni Rivera, Frankie J, Baby Bash and has had hundreds of songs placed in movies and TV Shows including the “Illegal Tender”, “Fast Food Nation”, LA Hair, “Sixteen Summers” Jersey Shore, Toddlers and Tiaras, Dance Moms “Spin” and many more.

The company was originally founded in 2016, but David put aside his producing career about two years ago in order to focus solely on Artist Royalty and Music Services. It is mostly a family run operation. David’s wife Daphne, helps him with all their Spanish clients, his stepson handles data entry, while his sister oversees the technical side. In addition, ARMS  employs a small staff of Artist Outreach agents. After committing time and effort, his team has now successfully recovered more than 1.6 million dollars for their clients, thanks in large part to their hands on approach and commitment to transparency. Some of their high profile clients include The Chi-Lites “Have you seen her”, Young Buck of G-Unit, Musical Youth “Pass the Dutchie”, Fobia, Tierra “Together”, Malo “Suavecito”, Bobby Day “Rockin Robin” and many many more.

As a musician himself, David understands that artists simply want to focus on their craft. That is why, together with his team, they decided to help artists navigate their complexities of royalty recovery. While understanding the cut throat nature of the music business, David built his company around the premise that the “artist would need to trust us to do the job and we would trust them in return”. That is why ARMS411 directs all payments to the artist and not their own company. As an industry standard, this  is highly unusual.

According to David: “Most artists and even actors or voice over artists are not aware that they can receive royalties from their actual performance, like the hook, as a feature, as a band member etc…” Most royalties traditionally had gone to songwriters, publishers  or the label but international streaming royalties are different and we help make sense of it all.”

David went further saying: “Being a musician myself, I know it’s hard to trust people in the music business, so I built this company with the premise that transparency would be absolute and our role would be hands-on. We are a small company with big ambitions.“

About Artist Royalty and Music Services:

Artist Royalty and Music Services started with a goal of discovering what happened to the royalties of David’s Father and Uncle who founded the super group Tierra. Tierra had multiple hits in the early 80’s, the biggest being “Together” which hit #14 on the Billboard.. Later on, David had realized that most of his Father and Uncles musical peers were in the same predicament so he began to help them as well. Now, their goal is to help musical artists around the globe  reap the financial rewards they deserve. They have successfully recaptured master recordings, publishing rights and found money the artist never knew existed.

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