New Zealand EZZ relies on genetic technology to create a new lactoferrin powder that can quickly replenish the immune system

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New Zealand EZZ relies on genetic technology to create a new lactoferrin powder that can quickly replenish the immune system

Lactoferrin, known as “the Super Health Guard of Human Body”, has become the first choice for many quality-seeking consumers in order to achieve the goal of improving immunity. In New Zealand, scientists have developed the world’s first gene-based lactoferrin powder, called as — EZZ, which can completely solve the problem of absorption. The reporter learned that compared with the traditional Lactoferrin, the product is targeted for human immune gene development, its absorption rate is 10 times higher than other similar products,which can be faster for consumers to build up the body’s defense line, and quickly develop immunity.

Lactoferrin is a natural multifunctional protein, which can join in the movement of iron in human body. It plays an important role in improving human immunity, promoting iron absorption, anti-bacteria, anti-virus, providing dietary protein source, etc., so people call it the human body “immunity Guardian”.

The reporter learned that although clinical trials have repeatedly demonstrated the health effects of lactoferrin, this is divorced from the actual human gene absorption. The effect of lactoferrin on the content of lactoferrin powder is not ideal. Around this topic, the experts of the Genome Research Center of the world’s leading genomics research institution — Foshan, New Zealand, launched a hard work, and developed the world’s first gene lactoferrin product – EZZ brand lactoferrin powder.

Unlike most lactoferrin powders, EZZ lactoferrin is targeted at the human genome to research, the industry’s first four stage immunomodulation, both for Darling and adults, it can systematically boost users’ immunity.First, the compound helps prevent the breakdown of lactoferrin in sufficient amounts to get it into the bloodstream and improve the amount of lactoferrin in the body. Second, by repairing evolution, comprehensively repair the damaged cells in order to help the human body replenish the short board of immunity; third, by gene duplication, the immune memory is formed in the human body, thus producing virus antibody.  Finally, through gene recognition, the invading pathogen is surrounded in time, kill it and excrete it.

The reporter learned EZZ lactoferrin powder have reached a new height of the industry in milk source, formula and production standards in addition to the core strength of gene technology through investigation.

First, the milk this lactoferrin powder from the world’s most pure environment of the New Zealand Century organic ranches in terms of milk source selection in the world. New Zealand’s natural pastures account for more than 50% of the country’s land area, which is the world’s recognized gold milk source base. Cows raised in New Zealand can enjoy a life of pure nature, producing twice as much pure milk. EZZ lactoferrin is mainly extracted from milk and every 14 kilograms of milk can be extracted to 1 gram of lactoferrin, which is known as the real dairy gold.

Secondly, in order to improve the absorption rate of lactoferrin, EZZ uses the world’s first compound lactoferrin formula, which combines taurine, DHA, bird’s nest acid, GOS probiotics and other ingredients with lactoferrin, and it has a proprietary formula MMUNE-LTF300+, which mixes lactoferrin, immunoglobulin and whey protein to make nutrients more balanced and 10 times more absorbable than regular lactoferrin, which not only strengthens the body’s immune system, also can achieve the effect that strengthens cerebrum vigor, caresses bowel.

In addition, brand lactoferrin powder adopts the standard of infant milk powder in terms of production standards. Each can of lactoferrin powder strictly follows the quality management standard of pharmaceutical grade to ensure the world-leading quality.

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