Donnette Dawn Addresses Business Viability During and After COVID-19

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Donnette Dawn Addresses Business Viability During and After COVID-19

ROCKHILL, SC – April 13, 2020 – Entrepreneur, author and business consultant, Donnette Dawn, understands the challenges that small business owners face. The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced an extra level of difficulty and is turning the business world upside down. She’s using her experience and expertise to help small businesses utilize five basic strategies to remain viable during a time that’s unprecedented in history.

It’s imperative that individuals make themselves aware of every financial business resource available to them and utilize it. With an extra infusion of funding, many individuals attempt to conduct business as usual. Don’t give in to the temptation. It’s essential that business owners use extreme caution and budget their resources carefully.

The extremely communicative nature of COVID-19 requires business owners to streamline and scale their processes for increased efficiency. That requires creating and documenting a step-by-process for employees to follow and maintain.

Stay-at-home orders to contain COVID-19 have resulted in a steep reduction in customers and commerce. Business owners must be creative, innovative, and find new ways to provide their services to the public. Examples would be food take-out and/or delivery instead of dine in, consultations by phone instead of in person, or launching paid tutorials online.

COVID-19 requires extraordinary measures to ensure the hygiene and safety of employees and customers. Staff and consumers need to know the precautions that businesses are taking to ensure everyone’s well-being. It fosters confidence.

It’s also a good idea for individuals to revisit their mission statement and remember why they became business owners. Individuals should still have a strong enough conviction to carry them through times of trouble, especially during the extremely trying circumstances that COVID-19 has engendered.

All businesses won’t be impacted in the same manner by COVID-19 and they won’t need the same amount of time to recover when life returns to normal. Dawn’s tips for business viability in an uncertain economic climate are essential. Appropriate planning will help small business owners survive now and in the future.

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A well-well known entrepreneur, pubic speaker, and author, Donnette Dawn owns and operates two companies, Mindful Missions of SC and MDL Transportation. Her most recent book is “Got Business Credit” and she recently launched a production agency to create and produce inspirational short films. She has strategic partnerships in Bermuda, writes The Beauty in Business Blog, has been in business for over 15 years, and is a former North Carolina Commissioner.

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