Dempster from Detroit Releases His Single “Hero’s Work Here” As A Tribute To Public Service Workers During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Dempster from Detroit Releases His Single “Hero’s Work Here” As A Tribute To Public Service Workers During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Using modern recording styles to bolster classical rock instrumentation and somber vocals, R.G. Dempster a.k.a. Dempster from Detroit has created a unique brand of roots-based American music backed by a powerful positive message. A tribute to the everyday heroes of the world, his latest track “Hero’s Work Here” highlights the selfless deeds of municipal workers including police officers, firefighters, doctors, paramedics and others during what has been a global virus pandemic.

As a Musician from Michigan, Dempster has spent the last 20 years of his life crafting a true, heartfelt depiction of what it means to be an American. Using country influenced vocal stylings and classic blues rock instrumentation, he has highlighted the joys and hardships of the working Midwest, as well as giving listeners hope for a brighter future. Having been influenced by some of the biggest names in rock including Bob Seger, MC-5 and the Yardbirds, Dempster played a pivotal role in cultivating the city’s musical roots.

Described by his fans as “Positive Americana”, the music comes packed with powerful lyrical metaphors and relatable storytelling devices to relate to listeners on a personal level. Having grown up near the manufacturing epicenter of Detroit, MI during the 1960s, Dempster witnessed first-hand the ups and downs of being part of a working-class community. Music has always been a useful tool to bring communities together and create a sense of meaning. “Hero’s Work Here” is a beautiful tribute to the essential members of our society that oftentimes to underappreciated.

Now, more than ever, people of all walks of life realize the importance of warmth, positivity and support during difficult times. “Hero’s Work Here” reminds listeners to recognize the work of men and women in the law enforcement and medical fields who are risking their lives to prevent the spread of a life-threatening virus. At the heart of Dempster’s music has always been a strong sense of patriotism and activism. His latest song has been a uniting force for workers across the state of Michigan as well as the country and a reminder to listeners that there are people fighting for our safety. The inspiring lyrics and somber blues rhythm is a calming force in the seemingly never ending chaos.

This new single released under the alias Dempster from Detroit, encourages individuals to come together and face what is ahead with hope. Over the next few months, he will be heading to the studio with a heap of unrecorded tracks to deliver more singles to a global audience.

For more information on the unique brand of Americana that took more than 50 years to perfect, check out Dempster’s official website ( or check out the inspiring anthem “Hero’s Work Here” on YouTube (

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